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Liability Insurance

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Liability insurance is responsible only for the other party’s losses, damages and injuries. This type of insurance is a lot more cost-effective than full cover for vehicle insurance – therefore many individuals opt for our cover that will ensure that the other party’s expenses, damages or injuries are taken care of.

Why would you choose Liability Insurance?

  • Should you only have enough funds to pay for third party cover, it pays to have some sort of safety net should you find yourself in a position where you could be liable for thousands of rands.
  • Obviously there are other kinds of liability insurance cover that we offer over and above the basic third party cover for vehicles.
  • At we also offer General Liability Cover, Professional Liability Cover, D & O Liability Cover and Employer Liability Cover.

What is General Liability Cover and what role does it play?

  • General Liability Cover has been designed to protect your company when a third party claims for damages.

What does D&O Liability Cover do?

  • D & O Liability Cover is the acronym for Directors and Officers.
  • This type of insurance cover offered by us has been specifically designed to cover the acts or omissions of individuals that are senior personnel and hold a high position in a company or organisation.
  • If a senior person in a company commits an offence or makes a mistake, it is therefore not the responsibility of the entire company to be held to ransom; our D & O Insurance cover will take care of this eventuality should it arise.

All businesses, whether large or small, need to have the correct as well as sufficient liability cover. For example should you own a B & B establishment ordinary liability covermight not be sufficient, especially in an instance where overseas guests are injured, become ill, or even die.

Contact us at to find out how much liability insurance cover you require for your specific establishment or business, and we will be able to advise you correctly plus quote you, giving you perfect peace of mind.

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