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1st For Women Business Insurance



All business owners and businesses are susceptible to risk – therefore the need for partnering with an insurance service provider familiar with, and one that understands the heart of your business.

1st For Women Business Insurance has tailored a wide range of business insurance products to cover a broad range of companies, ranging from coffee shops to hair salons and more.

Your business will come with a unique set of needs and requirements – you will be spoilt for choice with such a broad spectrum of products:

Business interruption – should you lose any income as a direct result of the loss or damage to your business property, you will be able to claim from 1st For Women Business Insurance for loss of earnings.

Fidelity Guarantee – this insurance cover will insure your business against fraud by staff.

Business All Risk – this cover will take care of items that are not fixed and are taken with you – think laptops, equipment, phones etc. Remember that certain items need to be specified under the All Risks umbrella, so be sure to consult with your broker or seek advice from your insurance company.

Errors and Omissions Insurance – this insurance cover has been designed with SME’s uppermost in mind, and will protect you against risks that can arise from daily operations. This is your soft place to fall if you make mistakes.

1st For Women Business Insurance assists women in business regardless of their industry speciality.

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