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Glass Factory Insurance has devised a product to cover a plethora of industries, including cover specifically designed to cover glass factories.

Glass factories insurance is essential as this particular industry is a hands-on one where individuals are exposed to extreme conditions such as excessive heat, heavy machinery, extreme cold and more, making the need for glass factories insurance essential.

Although most factories have similar types of cover, there are specific packages for those industries that need extra insurance over and above the usual insurance; these usually include liability insurance, building insurance, insurance for expensive machinery, insurance for fleets or delivery vans, plus every type of industry will need sufficient cover should someone die or are injured while operating machines or are exposed to other dangerous conditions.

This is why using us for glass factories insurance cover is such a good idea:

  • Accidents are a common occurrence, especially when working with huge sheets of glass or machinery designed to cut and saw, chisel or any other tasks that need to be executed. It is essential to insure your factory against all eventualities occurring in the workplace, including loss of income, storm damage and other mishaps.
  • Key man insurance is also a good idea should the owner or key person become ill or incapacitated or even die.
  • Insurance for movables including cell phones and laptops are usually covered under the all risks cover but if this is not the case, then every item needs to be specified.

When taking out cover for glass factories, ensure that the glass factories insurance has the right kind of cover for your unique industry.

Get your glass factory quotes today by giving us a call; you will not be disappointed with the outcome.

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