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Sanlam Business Insurance

Explore the comprehensive range of insurance products on offer at Sanlam and find out what makes them stand out among insurers. Get Sanlam quotes & more!

Who is Sanlam Business Insurance?

As the largest insurer in South Africa, Sanlam Limited can afford to provide a wide range of cover options to suit your needs. You can get Sanlam general insurance for your business needs or property insurance, commercial insurance, and more. They also offer financial products such as advisory services, international investments, alternative investments, and much more.

Who owns Sanlam Insurance?

The current CEO of Sanlam is Paul Hanratty (2021). Although it was historically a mutual society and started more than a century ago, Sanlam Life Insurance Limited is now a public company managed by a board of directors. Originally, the company was formed as a subsidiary of Santam Limited, but it later became the lead company, while Santam remained focused on short-term insurance products.

What Does SANLAM stand for?

It stands for Suid-Afrikaanse Nasionale Lewens Assuransie Maatskappij (South African National Life Assurance Company). This phrase epitomises the original purpose of establishing the company. It has since grown to dominate the insurance market in Southern Africa, holding the largest market share among its peers.

When was Sanlam established?

Sanlam was established in 1917 at the Royal Hotel in Cape Town as a life insurance company. In 1954,  it became an independent mutual life assurance company and the largest shareholder in Santam. In 1998, it was listed on the JSE and the Namibian Stock Exchange.

How Sanlam Works?

Sanlam is interested in more than just giving you the insurance coverage you need, which is why they also offer wealth creation products and services. At Sanlam, you can invest, get financial advice, insure yourself, your loved ones, your possessions, and your business, and more. Their financial services can help you establish long-term wealth that will secure your financial future.

Their financial services also include retirement planning, financial planning, savings products, and answering your money questions. With a large international footprint and country operations throughout Africa, you can enjoy peace of mind, knowing your financial future is in the hands of a reliable and established financial institution.

How to Claim from Sanlam Insurance?

If you have an insurance policy at Sanlam, you can claim by visiting their website or phoning their call centre. You may need to fill in claim forms and provide extra documentation. If you are unsure about what you need to provide, you can also find details about how to claim in your insurance policy.

What Does Sanlam Cover?

Sanlam Business Insurance offers businesses a range of cover options for every insurable risk and aspect of their operations. From property damage to liabilities or accidental death, you can get the cover you need and build a portfolio with different Sanlam products.

Sanlam Commercial Cover Solutions

Each business is unique. Thanks to years of collaboration with companies, the Sanlam financial advisors can offer business insurance expertise to customise your portfolio to your risks and budget. Their commercial insurance solutions can include:

  • Accidental Damage Cover
  • Buildings Cover
  • Business Interruption insurance
  • Business All-Risk Insurance
  • Cover For Theft by Employees
  • Deterioration Of Stock Cover
  • Electronic Equipment Insurance
  • Fire & Theft Cover
  • Glass Damage & Replacement
  • Goods In Transit Cover
  • Machinery Breakdown Cover
  • Money Insurance
  • Office Contents Protection
  • Personal Accident Cover
  • Public Liability Insurance
  • Vehicle Insurance

Sanlam Protection of Income

Income protection plays an important role for business owners. This plan is tax-free and pays out monthly installments. Should you become ill or injured, the Sanlam Income Protection Plan will pay you out.

Sanlam Business Overhead Protection

The Sanlam Business Overhead Protection plan secures the overheads of a business for six to twelve months after the death of a business owner. This plan offers an immediate solution to avoid instability in a business if the owner or key person of a business dies. All owners’ and co-owners’ lives can be insured on one plan.

Sanlam Asset Protection

The Sanlam Asset Protection plan offers protection of business assets against any insurable losses or damages.

Sanlam Key Person Insurance

Sanlam Key Person Insurance cover is a cost-effective and tax-free solution if a key person is unable to work due to illness or is disabled, or if the key person or owner of a business dies.

Sanlam Business Debt Insurance

Debt insurance is designed to protect against the disablement or death of a business owner and to compensate where the business owner has signed any sureties. The policy will thwart any claims from creditors against the deceased estate or from a business owner if they are disabled, thus offering protection against these eventualities. The pay-out from the life insurance policy is used to repay any loans on the death or disability of the business owner.

Sanlam Business Buy and Sell

The Sanlam Business Buy and Sell agreement enables the surviving co-owners to use the funds to buy up any shares or business interests of a deceased co-owner. Sanlam Disability cover can also be used to supply the buy-out of a disabled owner’s part of the business.

Sanlam Business Insurance offers a range of complete solutions to partner with all businesses regardless of size. Whether you need critical illness insurance, corporate life insurance, or the assurance of compensation for damage suffered, you can get the cover you need with Sanlam. Allow Sanlam to partner with you in risk management and growing your company.

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