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Sanlam Business Insurance


Sanlam Business Insurance offers businesses full cover with an all-inclusive choice of everyday business resolutions. Sanlam protects businesses by allowing continuity with their full complement of cost-effective offerings.

Sanlam Business Insurance Products

  • Protection of Income
  • Protection of Business Overheads
  • Protection of Assets
  • Protection of Key Personnel or Key Persons
  • Debt Insurance for Businesses
  • Sanlam Business Buy and Sell

Sanlam Protection of Income

Income protection plays an important role for business owners and should be part and parcel of every business plan.

  • Should you become ill or injured, the Sanlam Income Protection Plan will pay you out
  • This plan has been created to pay out monthly instalments
  • The Sanlam Protection of Income Plan is tax-free

Sanlam Business Overhead Protection

  • The Sanlam Business Overhead Protection plan secures the overheads of a business from six to twelve months after the death of a business owner
  • The Sanlam Overhead Protector offers an immediate solution to avoid instability in a business if the owner or key person of a business dies
  • All owners and co-owners’ lives are insured under this plan
  • In the event of the death of an owner or co-owner, any payouts will be paid out directly into the business

Sanlam Asset Protection

  • The Sanlam Asset Protection plan offers protection of business assets against any losses or damages

Sanlam Key Person Insurance

  • Sanlam Key Person Insurance cover is a cost-effective and tax-free resolution if a key person is unable to work due to illness or is disabled, or if the key person or owner of a business dies

Sanlam Business Debt Insurance

  • Debt insurance is designed to protect against the disablement or death of a business owner and to compensate where the business owner has signed any sureties
  • The policy will thwart any claims from creditors against the deceased estate or from a business owner if they are disabled, thus offering protection against these eventualities
  • The pay-out from the life insurance policy is used to repay any loans on the death or disability of the business owner


Sanlam Business Buy and Sell

  • The Sanlam Business Buy and Sell agreement enables the surviving co-owners to use the funds to buy up any shares or business interests of a deceased co-owner
  • Sanlam Disability cover can also be used to supply the buy-out of a disabled owner’s part of the business

Sanlam Business Insurance offers a range of complete solutions to partner with all businesses regardless of size.

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