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The direct short-term insurance model in South Africa has changed the way many business insurance companies operate. By offering products directly to the public, insurers are giving clients the opportunity to compile their own insurance portfolios.

As direct insurance becomes a demand, more and more business insurance companies in South Africa are growing horizontally to offer business insurance products.

While no two businesses are identical, the insurance policies that businesses opt for may include the same cover, such as buildings, contents and vehicle cover. Direct business insurance companies in South Africa enable business owners to compile their own insurance portfolios based on only those risks relevant to their operations. Business insurance is available, either direct or through a broker, from the business insurance companies in South Africa listed below. (For a range of business insurance quotes, fill in our online form and an insurance representative will give you a quote from various insurers.)

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Chartis Insurance

Chartis South Africa, the local division of the American-based insurance company, provides a full range of commercial insurance for large and small businesses. Being international, Chartis has an extensive global network and can thus provide advice to companies who have expanded into foreign territories, to help such companies meet local regulations. Also a personal lines insurance company, Chartis provides accident and health, buildings, contents, motor, and theft of identity (individuals and households) insurance. Their range of business insurance products can be combined to cater for almost all businesses. The following products are available through Chartis business division. Chartis business insurance for assets The commercial lines insurance for assets includes business vehicles, property and cargo. What’s more the property can be insured against terrorism and sabotage, a product unlikely to be find elsewhere in South Africa. Given the increasing threat of such in recent years, Chartis has added this to product rage. Chartis business insurance for products Should a product made by your company be faulty or contaminated (whether it be food, drink, cosmetics, tabacco or pharmaceuticals), Chartis will cover the legal damage such as injury. Whether this contamination is intentional or not, the company will cover the costs. What’s more, […]


Hollard Business Insurance

Although known for their funeral cover and Pay As You Drive car insurance, Hollard has partnered with specialist insurance underwriters to provide an extensive array of business insurance products. These include engineering insurance, travel insurance, heavy commercial vehicles, marine insurance, life employee benefits, and accident and sickness acceptance cover for employees. Hollard business insurance for engineering For engineering businesses, Hollard has partnered with Scintilla, specialist engineering insurance underwriters with over 50 years experience. Their list of products includes contractor’s all risk insurance, liability cover as well as machinery breakdown and electronic equipment. What’s more, Scintilla include advanced loss of profits and civil engineering completed risks. The experience the company has in engineering cover can be extended to projects in other African countries, as they understand the risks associated with such. This caters for international contractors. Hollard business insurance for travel While not specifically a business insurance product, Hollard’s travel insurance by Oojah caters for companies and individuals (as well as their families) on while travelling. It provides cover for personal accident and liability, repatriation, medical expenses and luggage (as well as cancellation and curtailment). Oojah offer some of the most comprehensive travel insurance policies in the market, essential for employers […]

1st for women

1st for Women Insurance

The insurance company for women hasn’t stopped at home and car insurance but includes business cover. 1st for Women business insurance covers small to medium businesses (such as florists, hairdressers, retailers, funeral parlours, locksmiths and others), professionals (accountants, lawyers, auditors, brokers and financial advisors), and corporates (including travel agents, estates agents, training centres and others). They don’t just cover the businesses assets and vehicles but provide a range of business insurance products. 1st for Women Professional Assist The professional assistance first for women business cover provides ranges from labour assistance to technical assistance. The labour assistance provides businesses with access to labour professionals to make sure that your business is always compliant with labour laws, which may include providing labour audits and performance management and appraisal. The legal assistance portion of the Professional Assist functions as legal cover by giving business 24-hour access to legal counsel. These advisors can assist business on financial, criminal, consumer-related, property and other matters. They also provide the businesses with documentation drafting as well. The computer or technical assistance helps business owners with hardware, software, internet and virus issues. This assistance, like the others, is available to insurers 24/7.


Budget Insurance

For more than a decade, Budget has offered the South African public the opportunity to enjoy great insurance products at low low premiums. They focus on bringing you great value for money on your car, home and business insurance and automatically include Assist Benefits in their policies; ensuring you always have assistance when you need it. Budget Business Insurance has been carefully designed to cater for the unique needs of your specific business at low low premiums. Their combinations of traditional policy sections ensure your business is comprehensively looked after, no matter what the circumstances. All business policies automatically include Biz Assist that provides 24/7 free online and telephonic support.

DIB Insurance

DIB Solutions have been providing financial services since 2007. They have agreements in place with a wide range of reputable insurers in South Africa that enable them to place car, home, business and commercial insurance at affordable tailor-made premiums. DIB Solutions business insurance provide competitive comprehensive cover after an in-depth needs analysis. They have partnered with the best speciality underwriters through which they can confidently place any general or specialised commercial risk. DIB Solutions have negotiated the best possibly rates with a variety of insurers and strive to accommodate each and every individual to assist them with their insurance needs. They can insure anything from a horse to a plane and if their insurers can’t assist you they’ll will try to find a company that will.



OUTsurance business insurance is tailor-made around the unique needs of your business. No matter how big or small your business, OUTsurance offer impressive world-class service, affordable pricing and all-inclusive business insurance products. They offer fixed excess amounts, no matter how big your claim, 12-month guaranteed premiums, no hidden costs, and no fine print. All OUTsurance business insurance advisors are FAIS compliant and know the product inside out. This presents you with the perfect opportunity to get expert advice on the best possible insurance product for your business. OUTsurance has tailor-made business insurance packages for certain industry types, including dentists, medical professionals, the food industry, hotels, guesthouses and body corporates. So, whether you’re a hairdresser, a chef, a landscape architect or a plumber – they have a product that will fit around your unique business insurance needs.

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