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Legal Business Protection


Small to medium enterprises face a multitude of legal challenges that come with the territory. Did you know that for a low monthly premium, you can get the kind of legal advice your business needs?

As your business expands and becomes more complicated, you will find that you require an increased amount of legal assistance. Legal matters are complex, and the complexities may increase with business growth.

Legal Business Plans have been created to protect your business and to provide you with the legal cover that includes:

  • Guidance
  • Advice
  • Representation


  • Civil matters
  • Labour matters
  • Commercial contracts
  • Debt collection

Civil Matters

  • Legal advice and issues relating to the CPA (Consumer Protection Act)
  • Legal advice and issues relating to the National Credit Act
  • Handling matters relating to the Companies Act

Labour Matters Covers:

  • Assistance in resolving disputes with employees
  • Retrenchment procedures
  • Labour court procedures
  • CCMA referrals
  • Bargaining Council referrals
  • Written warnings
  • Disciplinary hearings
  • Union negotiations
  • Workmen’s Compensations

Commercial Contracts

  • Purchase and sale agreements
  • Commercial lease agreements
  • Employment contracts
  • Service level agreements
  • Non-disclosure agreements
  • Suretyship agreements
  • Acknowledgement of debt agreements
  • General outsourcing agreements

Debt Collection Covers

  • Guidance regarding debt collection processes
  • Letters of demand
  • The negotiation and implementation of payment plans
  • Telephonic demands to business debtors
  • The issuing of a summons and obtaining garnishee orders
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