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Beauty Salon Insurance

Beauty might be your business, but insurance is ours.

We offer business insurance for beauty salons which should without question be one of the most important aspects of running any salon.

The beauty industry has grown in leaps and bounds in the past decade and is often the place where customers and clients come to relax or to improve what they already have in the way of appearances. The interesting thing about the beauty industry is that males are frequenting salons almost as much as females these days, yet insurance cover for these establishments is either outdated or often neglected.

The equipment alone in a salon could add up to millions as consumers want only the best there is to offer. Needless to say, state-of-the-art retail equipment is expensive to buy or lease, and if damaged is even more costly to replace, plus there is the down-time that will need to be taken into the equation.

We offer insurance products for your beauty salon that will not only replace your equipment at the replacement value, plus we will design a unique insurance portfolio that will take care of all aspects of your industry including loss of income, key person insurance cover should you as owner become seriously ill and not able to continue to work, or even die, as well as a broad spectrum of other products.

Personal Liability cover in the event of your staff or clients being injured or dying on your premises should be adequate.

We also take care of building, fixtures and fittings cover, in addition to business vehicle insurance if you use your car for business purposes or have a delivery car or van for your salon.

It is our job as your business insurance broker to cover all your pricey point-of-sale systems, credit card machines, audio-visual equipment as well as your laptops, PC’s; all of which should be specified as these are not usually standardised on your insurance schedule.

It is advisable to compile a comprehensive asset register stating everything at replacement value, and updating this every year, and sometimes as often as twice a year.

Our business insurance for beauty salons incorporates a broad spectrum of products that will ensure that you and your business have ample cover for all eventualities. Beauty might be your business, but remember that business insurance is ours.

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