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Get Insurance Quotes for B&B InsuranceToday

Get Insurance Quotes for B&B Insurance Today


As a guest house or bed-and-breakfast business owner, you can get peace of mind that business interruption or other disasters won’t ruin your profit. Learn how insurance cover for hospitality businesses works in South Africa.

In South Africa, the B&B industry is blossoming. It is a wonderful way to make an honest living. Entrepreneurs realise that working in a formal environment is often precarious, and more and more people are working for themselves.

Running a successful and professional B&B will bear fruit—the secret is to ensure we do correctly it from the outset.

Part of protecting your business includes the right type of business insurance policies and coverage. This is vital, since legal expenses for third party claims or things like property damage can cost a lot. You can safeguard your Bed & Breakfast from these perils with the right cover.

What is B&B Insurance?

B&B Insurance is a form of hospitality cover offered by South African insurers to cover common perils for this type of business. Insurance cover for your B&B operation will usually include comprehensive cover on buildings, contents insurance cover, liability, all risks, personal accident, and motor cover.

Hospitality Insurance has been tailored to ensure B&B Insurance in South Africa covers all aspects of your business. It is an extremely important part of running a B&B guesthouse, because without it you could be sunk.

How Does B&B Insurance Work in South Africa?

Thanks to a competitive insurance industry in the country, you can get competitive rates and fine-tuned cover for the risks specific to your bed-and-breakfast establishment. The terms and conditions, exclusions, and extent of cover you get will depend on the B&B insurance services you choose. Each insurer has something unique to offer.

to get this type of insurance coverage, you can start by getting an insurance quote from reputable insurers. Once you have chosen an insurance company, you can discuss the details of how their cover works with a representative from their company.

Some insurers include guesthouse insurance in a business insurance portfolio. Others allow customers to buy it as a standalone product. Sometimes insurance costs will be more favourable with one insurance firm, but coverage may be more comprehensive with another.

That’s why it is important to weigh your insurance options. Even South Africa’s insurance giants will each have unique benefits and exclusions in the insurance package they offer you. So, before you choose a policy, it is a clever idea to read through the policy documents carefully.

What Does it Cover?

Although coverage differs, there is a range of risks typically covered. When you’re considering an insurer, you can check if their offer includes all these cover types:

  • Buildings insurance to cover damage to property caused by common perils like natural disasters, theft, explosion, and even objects falling from the sky
  • Liability insurance to protect your business from legal liabilities and third-party claims.
  • Cover for theft of money or malicious damage caused by tenants or members of the public.
  • Contents insurance to cover the contents of your business. Some insurers also offer cover for the personal possessions of tenants against risks like fire or theft.
  • Business interruption insurance to cover the costs of financial loss during a period of time when your business can’t operate because of common perils such as flood damage and power cuts.
  • Accidental damage cover and accidental injury cover costs related to accidents and bodily injury.

Who Needs B&B Insurance?

Comprehensive guesthouse insurance can safeguard your B&B or Airbnb from all the relevant perils that could put your operation in jeopardy. If you run a guesthouse, a B&B, or rent out a small flat on a short-term basis, you need this type of cover.

For larger hospitality establishments, their cover may differ to suite adjusted perils. In this case, hotel insurance is a great idea. Either way, the costs of damage caused by unforeseen events makes this type of insurance vital.

You don’t have to hunt for insurance solutions and packages that best cover your bed-and-breakfast. Instead, you can fill in the form at the top of our page, and our high-tech system will match you with the ideal insurer for your unique insurance requirements.

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