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In South Africa, the B&B industry is blossoming, as it is a great way to make an honest living. Entrepreneurs realise that working in a formal environment is often precarious, and more and more people are working for themselves.

Running a successful and professional B&B will bear fruit – the secret is to ensure it is done correctly from the outset.

Hospitality Insurance has been tailored to ensure B&B Insurance in South Africa covers all aspects of your business, and is an extremely important part of running a B&B guesthouse, because without it you could be sunk.

There is a wide choice of cover available, and it also depends largely on the size of the B&B, who the guests are and what services are offered.

Should the guests, in many instances, come from overseas,you would need to ensure that your cover is sufficient. Entry-level cover might seem to be adequate, but this is often not the case.

Insurance cover for your B&B operation will usually include comprehensive cover on buildings, contents insurance cover, liability, all risks, personal accident and motor cover.

Don’t go without B&B Insurance Cover in South Africa – a very important part of your operation.

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