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Chartis Business Insurance



Chartis Business Insurance offers a wide range of protection for your business and security for all your assets.

Cover would typically include insurance against against theft, damage, sabotage and terrorism.

Chartis Business Insurance will also insure stock should this become damaged in any manner or if it is not in good working condition. Should you or your business face litigation as a direct result of negligence, errors or omissions, Chartis Business Insurance offers cover for these eventualities.

Chartis Liability Insurance will:

Chartis offers Environmental Liability Insurance, which will take care of any costs should your business be sued for endangering the environment.

Chartis Kidnapping and Extortion Insurance

Kidnapping and extortion is a reality in today’s world. Chartis offers the necessary products for these eventualities.

Chartis will cover costs to have clients evacuated and brought safely back home should the need arise.

Chartis Business Insurance – an insurance service provider that thinks out of the box going the extra mile, covering all the necessary bases.

Other business insurance cover would usually also include commercial vehicle cover, business interruption and loss of revenue insurance as well as  property cover, amongst numerous other products.

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