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Casualty Insurance

Be prepared. covers a broad spectrum of fields but excludes life insurance, health insurance as well as fire insurance policies as a general rule of thumb.

Casualty Insurance designed by will offer individuals and businesses insurance cover which specialises in cover for a broad spectrum of incidents and accidents that we often are not prepared

Why use Casualty Insurance from and why take out this much specialised cover?

  • Casualty Insurance has been specifically designed to take care of specific incidents which cover damage and loss incurred to both property as well as individuals.
  • Should you find yourself a victim of a burglary, for example, Casualty Insurance has been designed to replace plate glass or simply sort out all those small details that need to be resolved after an incidence.
  • Casualty Insurance also covers terrorist attacks which is a very real problem in today’s modern world.
  • This type of cover can and is really useful for those individuals that own businesses as it will ensure that both businesses that have been damaged plus people that are injured whilst on the business premises or site are compensated for.

What is offered by under our Casualty Insurance Cover?

  • Damage to property is taken care of in a professional manner.
  • Injury to individuals is also covered under the umbrella of Casualty Insurance.
  • If items are stolen from residences, items will be replaced by us.
  • The nice thing is that you don’t need to be a home owner to claim under our Casualty Insurance – if you are a tenant you will also be eligible to claim.
  • Should you be visiting someone’s home, and you should you either be injured or have items stolen, our specialised Casualty Insurance Cover will compensate for these losses.

If you are looking for insurance cover that will take care of your premises as well as individual cover, has the right type of Casualty Insurance that will take care of all eventualities.

Use today to find out how cost-effective this very diverse type of cover is; our Casualty Insurance will take care of those finer details when you need assistance the most and when you are at your most vulnerable.

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