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By using a simple platform to compare business insurance quotes from myriad insurance service providers, Hippo Business insurance quotes will help you find business cover to suit your unique needs that will fit into your budget.

Why do you Need Business Insurance?

Business insurance is there to provide cover against any unforeseen events that may lead to the loss of finances. No matter what type of business you run, there will always be risks involved, such as:

  • Fire
  • Theft
  • Natural disasters
  • Employee injury
  • Injury or death of a key person

Hippo Compares Different Business Insurance Products

Hippo Compares Commercial Property Insurance

  • Commercial Property Insurance protects the commercial property of the policyholder from damage in the event of fire, theft or natural disasters
  • Apart from the bricks and mortar structure of the property, machinery and equipment used for business operations could prove to be costly to replace or repair
  • Depending on the policy, there are also clauses that will permit consumers to claim financial compensation if business activity is affected

Hippo Compares Credit Risk Insurance Products

  • Credit Risk insurance protects businesses from the potential risk of monetary losses as a result of non-payment by debtors
  • If a business has sold a product or service to a purchaser who, within a certain time period, has not affected payment, the business will be financially covered to ensure business and cash flow continue unaffected

Hippo Compares Employers’ Liability Insurance

  • Damages payable by business owners when they are financially liable to pay an employee, contractor, or temporary employee for an accident that took place at work, or a person in contract with the business owner
  • Damages of this nature include:
    • Injury
    • Illness
    • Death

Hippo Compares Professional Indemnity Insurance

  • Professional indemnity insurance provides protection against litigation and claims against businesses and professionals that provide services to their clients

Hippo Compares Product Liability Insurance

  • Product Liability Insurance covers a business financially from any probable claims caused by the use of products such as software, equipment or food supplied by a business.

Hippo Compares Key Person Insurance

  • Key Person Insurance offers financial compensation if an important employee is unable to work as a result of death, disability or illness.
  • An important employee is most often classified as the owner, founder, CEO or any other person who plays a key role in running the business or handling the finances of the company
  • Key person insurance pays out a lump sum to the business to reduce any financial losses the business might experience should an important employee not be able to work or dies

Use the Hippo platform to compare many business insurance quotes, for a wide range of business products, to ensure you get the right cover for your niche industry.

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