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Business Interruption Insurance

Does your business have a safety net?

Every business should have a safety net in the form of Business Interruption Insurance. Should you, for whatever reason, not be able to continue operating your business, it is imperative that you take out enough cover that will compensate for the loss of income while the business is either being rebuilt or re-equipped after damage or loss.

Business Interruption Insurance has devised a product that will take care of this eventuality should you succumb to an unfortunate incident or situation; in other words, we have tailored a couple of products that will offer you peace of mind.

Why you should choose for your Business Interruption Insurance:

  • At we are able to offer you the right product for your specific industry.
  • Business Interruption Insurance is able to service you regardless of where you are based within the borders of South Africa.
  • We are able to offer a broad spectrum of products that are well-priced.
  • At we are also able to assess whether you have sufficient cover to ensure you are taken care of no matter what type of calamity you encounter.

This is what the focus is on regarding Business Interruption Insurance:

  • Business Property Insurance is usually combined with business income insurance – in other words, we seldom sell Business Interruption Insurance as a single entity.
  • We ensure that all your materials or equipment are insured at the replacement value, due to the fact that prices go up and equipment devalues as it ages.
  • Profits that would have been earned are covered under the umbrella of our Business Interruption Insurance – in other words the profits that are based on the previous months’ financials are taken into account when you are paid out.
  • We also take fixed costs into account – these usually include op costs and other expenses that are being run up by the company even if it is not in operation – usually based on the history of the costs of the company.

Other Expenses that we cover at

  • Reimbursement for other expenses over and above the fixed costs is also taken into consideration when you claim from us.

If you are in need of Business Interruption Insurance, we are more than able to offer you a cost-effective product; all you need to do is to contact us at today to get the quote to suit your needs.

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