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Racking and Shelving Company Insurance

If you are looking for racking company insurance, we have the kind of cover that will offer you and your business peace of mind.

Shelving company insurance should not be dismissed as there are always risks involved when insuring a company, factory or business, especially during the manufacturing process.

Why you ought to use us for your racking and shelving insurance cover:

  • Our products are surprisingly cost-effective.
  • We service all provinces within the borders of South Africa.
  • We are able to offer you cover for your industry specific.

What we offer the racking and shelving industry regarding insurance cover:

  • Business insurance should be neither too little nor too much. We are able to advise you regarding exactly what needs to be covered and how much you need to pay every month for goods at replacement costs.
  • Insurance cover for vehicles, machines, loss of income due to unforeseen circumstances, injuries to third parties, staff or self, lighting strikes rendering the business incapacitated until the power and systems are up and running, delivery vans, theft, loss of windows, furniture and fittings or buildings being damaged during excessive violent storms – the list is endless, yet we are able to offer you cover for all the above and more.
  • Heavy industry always carries a certain amount of risk – let us take on the responsibility when something goes wrong freeing you up to focus on what’s most important.

Call us today for shelving company and racking company quotes – it is never too late to take the right steps so that you, your staff and business have the correct type of cover.

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