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Motorbike Insurance

Motorbike insurance is as important as any other transport insurance.

Whether you choose to use your motorbike to get to and from work to save on the cost of fuel or whether you use a motorcycle purely for pleasure, motorbike insurance will always play an important role.

Traffic is nothing like it was in the past – there are hundreds and thousands of cars on South Africa’s roads, numerous potholes to contend with and reckless drivers to dodge – it is small wonder that your need for motorbike insurance is so important. And comparing insurance quotes for cover of your motorcycle is just as important.

What You Get When Covering Your Motorbike:

  • Cover that is comprehensive if your bike is stolen or damaged caused by accidents or other damage.
  • Motorbike insurance will cover the towing of and storage at the closest workshop when it goes in for repair due to accidental damage.
  • If your motorcycle accessories are stolen with your bike, these are also covered.
  • Should you damage another person’s property motorbike insurance has been designed to cover this eventuality.

You pay for what you ride:

  • What you ride is what you pay for – the make and the model of the bike you are insuring will determine what you pay for motorbike insurance.
  • Obviously the more expensive your bike is, the more insurance you will pay if your bike is either stolen or written off.
  • A classic bike, for example, may also cost more to fix, particularly if it is uncommon and the price of components is higher than for other motorbikes.
  • Because power dictates the price of bike insurance (the more powerful the higher the chances of the bike being involved in an accident), resulting in bikes with larger engines costing more to insure.
  • That is why the insurer needs to be notified if the engine of your motorbike has been modified to make it more powerful.

Whether you choose to ride a bike to save on the cost of fuel, use a bike to deliver goods for your business, or simply love to ride a bike for the sheer pleasure of it all, remember that motorbike insurance is as important as any other transport insurance.

How do you estimate the replacement value of goods in your business?

You need to verify at least once a year what it will cost to replace all the contents of your business on a new-for-old basis.

In the case of all vehicles, motor cars, motorbikes, vans, trucks etc. insurance will be based on the market value of the motorbikes or vehicles and need to be adjusted more frequently – at least once a quarter.

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