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Restaurant Insurance

Take the right steps to ensure that you are covered

We have devised insurance for restaurants that will leave nothing to chance, no matter what circumstances you might find yourself and your business in.

Perhaps one of the most challenging businesses to be involved in is the restaurant or food business. Food is hard to do and really hard work, but once you have the right formula your road to success will be paved with gold. Doing it right from the outset is important – compile a fool-proof business plan, approach your lenders with knowledge and confidence and ensure that you choose the right insurance company that will take care of all those finer details that need to be taken into the equation when looking for cover for everything pertaining to your specific retail industry.

Running a business is not for the nervous or weak, but it is more than courage that you will need to taste success – be practical and take the right steps to ensure that you are covered, which could save your business should something truly devastating happen.

It is our job to ensure that should you experience mishaps both large and small including anything from slip and fall incidents on your premises, food poisoning, fridges breaking down and all the food going off in the middle of summer, to fires and burglaries that could render you incapacitated where you could experience loss of earnings, that you are well and truly taken care of.

Paying hefty sums of monies for medical bills or for litigation could result in the doors of your restaurant closing, which is the last thing you would envisage after long hours, hard work and masses of money being sunk into your dream.

Suffice to say we have everything including you, your staff, your business, plus all that makes your business happen as well as your clients well and truly covered for a broad spectrum of eventualities.

It is important not to take a gamble by having inadequate cover, because when the chips are down and costly equipment, buildings, furniture and fixtures need to be replaced, not having sufficient cover at the could cost you dearly end of the day .On the other hand, taking out too much cover is also not wise.

Business insurance for restaurant owners is what we do well – indeed we have the right cover for your individual needs.

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