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Uber Insurance

What cover do you need as an Uber Driver and what’s on offer in South Africa? Explore rideshare insurance coverage with us.

What is Uber Insurance?

Uber drivers are considered independent contractors, and this means they will need their own insurance policy to cover some of the perils they may face. As an Uber driver, you will need commercial insurance for your car, since a personal auto insurance policy does not cover vehicles used for work purposes. Uber insurance is insurance created to cover Uber drivers specifically by some of the leading insurance companies in South Africa.

Who is Uber’s Insurance Carrier?

Chubb Insurance offers a limited policy to Uber drivers, delivery people, and passengers. Some leading insurance providers in South Africa have also partnered with Uber to provide policies specifically suited to their drivers that are more comprehensive.

While Uber has partnered with Chubb to provide limited coverage to all their drivers and passengers at no cost to the driver or passenger, this is by no means comprehensive coverage. Commercial auto insurance and other forms of insurance coverage are a great idea for drivers to safeguard their financial future. Sufficient insurance can make a big difference.


How Uber Insurance Works

Does Uber Have Their Own Insurance in South Africa?

Uber offers a limited policy to drivers and passengers, which covers emergency medical care up to a limited amount, permanent disability to a limited amount, death, and an “inconvenience amount” for when drivers cannot be back on the road within twelve hours. This cover is very limited, which is why many drivers are opting to get personal car insurance policies that are more comprehensive from Uber partners.

These policies often offer comprehensive coverage, or at the least third-party liability cover. As with other car insurance policies, the insured and the insurer sign an agreement. Once both parties have signed, the agreement comes into effect. The policyholder will need to pay monthly premium amounts to the insurer, and they will be able to claim from the insurer for perils that are covered by the policy.

There are, of course, exclusions in the policy, and other terms and conditions. For example, many insurance companies won’t cover intentional damage you have done to your own vehicle. You can read more about your coverage limits and what is expected of you by the insurer in your policy documents.

What Insurance Do You Need for Uber?

Uber drivers can benefit from passenger liability insurance, for cases where the driver may be held liable for medical costs, death, injury, and losses.

Since the Chubb policy offers very limited cover for bodily injury, it is important to choose a policy that covers this peril. Many comprehensive car insurance policies will include this type of cover, so you don’t drown in medical bills in an accident happens.

Additional coverage options can include stock-in-transit cover, commercial vehicle insurance, and personal coverage, such as life insurance.

A personal auto policy is not suitable, since your claims will be rejected if you were using the car for business purposes. Business car insurance is a must to protect yourself from losses due to acts of nature, accidents, theft, fire, hijacking, and other common perils involving your car.

When Does Uber Insurance Kick In?

The commencement date of your cover will be detailed in your insurance policy. Sometimes, there may be waiting periods that apply for certain perils. The Uber Chubb insurance cover will have its own terms, conditions, exclusions, and commencement dates.

How to Get Insurance for Uber Drivers?

You can get comprehensive insurance coverage or third-party liability coverage through leading insurers like MiWay Business Insurance who have partnered with Uber. Other insurers may not necessarily specifically partner with Uber, but they may still offer rideshare insurance or delivery and courier insurance options.

You don’t have to contact any insurance providers to find the best comprehensive cover. Instead, you can fill in the form we have provided at the top of this webpage. Our system is designed to match you with the best insurer for your needs, and they will call you with an offer. There is no obligation on your part, just a free quote that costs you nothing.


What Uber Insurance Covers

Does Uber Insurance Cover My Car?

The Chubb policy offered for free by Uber does not cover your car. If you get a third party only policy, it also won’t cover damage to or theft and loss of your car. Third-party, theft, and fire policies cover liabilities and also losses or damages due to theft or a fire. But if you are in an accident, the damage won’t be covered.

Comprehensive car insurance policies often include collision coverage, roadside assistance, and a broader scope of perils. This is why comprehensive vehicle insurance for drivers is vital. Are you looking for affordable taxi insurance? We can help! Simply fill in the form at the top of this page for a free quote.

Does Uber Insurance Cover Passengers?

The Chubb policy offers very limited cover for passengers. You can opt to get more extensive cover with an Uber insurance policy from a partner company like AIG Insurance. The bare minimum cover you would need would be third-party liability cover, so that you are covered if passengers want to sue you.

Is Uber Insurance Worth It?

The cover you get and your satisfaction with the product will depend on the insurance company you choose to go with. Each insurer is different. We partner with reliable, leading insurance companies, so you can rest assured any quote you get through will be from a reliable and reputable insurer.

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