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Fool-proof state-of-the-art business insurance for coffee shops

If you have always dreamed of giving up your awful job and equally awful boss, and have fulfilled your dream by opening up your own coffee shop, then do it right from the outset.

Being an entrepreneur is a challenge all on its own as you no longer have that fixed income, security of that old-age pension, and are faced with a challenge but in the long run, are all worth your while.

After spending a small fortune on equipment and kitting out your dream coffee shop, you need to take into account all those grudge purchases that everyone seems to procrastinate putting into motion – and perhaps at the top of this list would be business insurance. That is why we have come up with a fool-proof state-of-the-art business insurance for coffee shops plan that will take care of everything and anything that could go wrong in the coffee shop business.

Whether it entails covering the lights going out and all your food going off in the deep freeze ( we do have power outages frequently in SA), or whether it is to cover  the little old lady who slipped and fell,  breaking her ankle – we have the perfect insurance cover for all your business needs.

We will insure your business building, loss of income, equipment, theft, damage due to lightning, fire or flood, your business vehicle, and even you should you become incapacitated and are no longer in a position to carry on earning a living.

The best part about business insurance for coffee shops is that we have you, your clients, your staff and your business covered when things go wrong.

The secret to business insurance, though, is that you need to ensure that you have enough cover. Too much cover is just a waste of money, and too little will have you short-changed and unable to replace the expensive items damaged or stolen.

Make a note of everything that would need to be replaced and keep an updated, accurate record at all times so that we are kept in the loop. Should you invest in further expensive items for your business, remember to update the schedule regularly.

We are able to offer you cover for everything you will need to operate your coffee shop successfully – after all business insurance for coffee shops and other retail outlets is what we do best.

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