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Buildings Insurance

These are not your average buildings…

From commercial office parks to stadiums and schools,building insurance from will keep you on the edge.

Why you need Buildings Cover

Your private residential house, the outbuildings, fences, swimming pools and tennis courts need to be covered for starters. Then there are the buildings at your place of business that also need building insurance cover.  If a fire, flood or any other unforeseen disaster were to damage or completely destroy your home (or office) you’d have to rebuild and find alternative accommodation.  Worse still, you would be forced to pay a bond installment on an asset that no longer exists.

Whichever building insurance policy or product it is that you choose, it is important to know whether your property is adequately insured for the total re-building costs.

Don’t settle for second-best – only choose world-class building insurance when covering your valuable assets and always make use of a service provider that will meet the demands for your specific industry.

Find building insurance cover that combines traditional policy sections to ensure that the building is adequately looked after from an insurance point of view and that there are no unnecessary premium costs. Most importantly clients should always have the flexibility to include additional cover.

Owners of commercial buildings, especially those that are frequented by the general public need to ensure that they have sufficient and realistic levels of public liability cover.

As in all instances, prevention is always better than cure. All building owners need to guarantee that regulations pertaining to their buildings are adhered to and need to enforce these as much and as amicably as possible.

Making certain that firefighting as well as other safety equipment is where it should be, and that it is in good working order, as this could avoid serious injury and even save lives. The same applies to fire escapes and ensuring doors for emergency exits are unlocked in the case of an emergency.

In the event of an insurance claim from your building insurance the above will simplify the entire process. Finding that the equipment could have saved or reduced the damage to the building was not where it should have been or that it was faulty could lead to the claim being rejected.

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