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Budget Business Insurance



Budget Insurance has presented South African consumers with cost-effective, comprehensive cover since 1985 – an insurance service provider that has an excellent track record, covering everything your business needs covering, regardless of the size of your operation.

Budget Business Insurance will offer tailored solutions for business owners so that they can enjoy sufficient cover for their cars, fleets, buildings, offices, and everything that is movable including laptops, phones, equipment and more.

Budget Business Insurance has offered a wide range of affordable products for decades with the main focus being on giving their clients bang for their buck.

Additionally, Budget Business Insurance will cover you and your employees against all eventualities, resulting in perfect peace of mind – insurance cover that will be custom-made specifically to cover you and your niche industry.

In today’s world there are many businesses and entrepreneurs that run their businesses on the road and therefore don’t operate from traditional bricks and mortar operations

Whatever type of cover you require, Budget has the right product designed for your individual needs at affordable premiums.

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