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Momentum Business Insurance

Achieve financial success with business coverage designed to help your endeavours prosper from insurance giant, Momentum.

Who is Momentum Business?

Momentum Assurance Corporation was established in 1966. Today, this company is known as Momentum Metropolitan Holdings, and they offer products designed to help secure the financial future of your business. Their solutions include financial advice and a range of assurance options, including commercial insurance.

Momentum Business Insurance is driven by strong values to offer their customers excellent service. They aim to help people from all walks of life in South Africa achieve their long-term life goals and aspirations. If you want your business to gain momentum and reach financial success, you can consider Momentum short-term insurance to cover some of your financial risks.

What Does Momentum Business Cover?

Short-term insurance from Momentum can cover every part of your business. From key person life insurance and employer’s liability cover to commercial vehicle cover and all-risk cover, Momentum is here to provide solutions that lead to increased financial wellness. Whether you run a small coffee shop, have a clothing or gift store, are an IT specialist, a plumber, electrician, or hairdressing salon, momentum business protector has your back.

Because every business is unique, they have designed their product range to meet a large variety of corporate needs. You can tailor your cover package to your company’s specific requirements and access professional financial advice at Momentum. They aim to help meet your essential insurance needs, whether working through independent brokers or directly with a Momentum staff member.

What makes Momentum stand out is that business owners get guaranteed premiums for the first 12 months. That means your premiums are guaranteed to remain at a certain amount for the first 12 months with Momentum Group Limited. Begin your journey towards financial wellbeing and help your employees reach their life aspirations with the help of Momentum’s range of business insurance products.

Types of Momentum Business Insurance

Standalone Business Cover

Momentum’s tailor-made stand-alone cover options speak to your individual business needs and ensure you are covered comprehensively from the start. Your standalone business policy can include add-ons listed below.

Business Car Insurance and Fleet Cover

With this type of policy, you can cover all cars, motorcycles, trucks, and any other types of vehicles against damage, theft, and more. You can even get cover to replace lost keys!

Buildings Combined Insurance

This type of policy is designed to cover your office buildings, including fixtures and outbuildings, against risks such as natural disasters, explosions, or even damage caused maliciously.

Office Contents Insurance

Momentum’s contents policy covers the company’s movable property against risks. These could include items such as office furniture. The goal is to ensure your business continuity if something should go wrong.

Momentum Key Person Cover

If a key role player in your business passes away, it can negatively impact your business. This type of cover helps with short-term cash flow and the long-term sustainability of your company. With this cover, you can keep operations running and ensure your business continuity.

Momentum Group Cover

Group Insurance covers you and your employees for death, disability, and critical illness. When you care for your employees, they are more likely to contribute towards the success of your business. Contribute to their peace of mind and your own with financial aid for employees who experience critical illness, disability, or death.

Commercial Fire Cover

The Momentum commercial fire policy covers goods used for your business against damage and loss due to fire, power surges, and leaky heating systems. These items can include permanent fittings.

Optional Momentum Add-Ons

To customise your policy so that it best covers your risks, you can choose to add additional cover elements to your policy, whether it is a combined or stand-alone product. Elements you can add include all risk cover and cover for business Interruption, electronic equipment, money, public liability, goods in transit, stock, motor trader’s Insurance, employer’s liability insurance, and much more.

Business All-Risk Cover

This add on protects business items that are moved around from the premises covered by your business plan to anywhere in the world.

Public Liability Cover

Ensure you’re covered if any liability claims are brought against your company or its employees with this add-on.

Fidelity Guarantee Cover

Worried about losses caused by fraud or employee theft? This add-on can cover your business.

Money Insurance

This add-on covers your actual, physical money, cash, postal orders, cheques, and more against loss within your business premises.

Goods-in-Transit Cover

This add-on insures any company goods used as part of your stated business during transportation within South Africa.

Motor Traders Cover

This add-on covers liabilities relating to incidents within your motor trade business.

Glass Cover

The Momentum glass add-on covers glass elements such as doors, mirrors, furniture, and windows located at your business premises against damage.

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