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Grow your business in a legally protected environment.

What’s Legal Insurance?

Legal insurance is a form of insurance that can help the insured party when they need legal advice or access to law and justice. With this type of cover, you can get legal assistance with any legal issue from a legal professional, whether you bring up a case against another party or they against you.

Insurance for legal matters is important because it can help you cover the legal costs associated with gaining legal representation and taking legal action. Every South African deserves to have a fair defence and protection of their legal rights, but it can become expensive. This is why legal insurance is so important.

Make sure your business is legally protected with the right business insurance cover.

Is a Legally Protected Environment Important for Your Business Growth?

Yes, legal cover is vital for the stable growth of any business or organisation. You’ve worked hard to grow your business from a small endeavour to what it is today. As the business keeps growing, things get more complicated. You will inevitably run into an increasing amount of legal complexity.

Complexity which you cannot foresee. You may not have the resources (time, financial, or skills) to deal with these issues. The good news is there are companies who, like you, dedicate themselves to doing only what they do best: offering business legal insurance.

So, while you concentrate on growing your business, you can rest easy knowing that you have a legal plan for your business in place to cover expensive legal costs when they inevitably arise. Exorbitant legal costs won’t be able to sink your ship when you have the right legal cover to help you foot the bill.

Do I Need Business Legal Cover?

Yes, any company or organisation interested in growth needs legal insurance for businesses. This is because it is very likely that you will have to deal with a legal matter at some point. Many businesses are not prepared for the costs involved in legal matters, such as the fees for legal representation, for example.

Any time spent on the matter could also influence your production. Whether you face criminal matters or need to draw up legal documents, legal business insurance is essential. With it, you can ensure the growth and future of your business remain safe from legal losses.

What Does Legal Insurance for Businesses Cover?

Each insurance policy differs when it comes to legal cover in South Africa, but you can find the following types of cover in many of the plans. Some plans offer a litigation benefit or additional cover for a legal emergency, such as urgent bail applications. Others offer a mediation benefit and can even include a retrenchment benefit.

Aside from the below legal proceedings, your policy could also cover the drawing up of or filing and management of legal documentation. Some plans include cover for property transfer and family mediation. Most will include access to professional advice from qualified attorneys or qualified lawyers.

Debt Collection

When someone owes your business money, it can influence your business operations and capital. Many legal insurance policies include debt collection in their cover. It can include letters of demand, negotiation of payment plans, telephonic demands to business debtors, the issuing of summons and obtaining garnishee orders.

Labour Matters

If your business has employees, you will need a policy that covers labour matters. You may need legal protection against employee related claims for events like accidental death or injury at work. Legal advisors can give you expert advice on employee-related matters to ensure the best outcomes.

A plan that covers labour matters can include cover for employee dispute resolution, CCMA referrals, bargaining council referrals, written warnings, and retrenchment proceedings. It can also include workmen’s compensation, labour court proceedings, union negotiations, and disciplinary hearings.

Commercial Contracts

Most businesses don’t need marriage mediation cover, but contracts feature frequently. South Africans need quality legal cover for the costs of drawing up purchase and sale agreements, commercial lease agreements, service level agreements, and employment contracts. You may also want assistance with contractual matters involving non-disclosure agreements, suretyship agreements, acknowledgement of debt agreements, and more.

Civil Matters

Civil matters are also more common to businesses than family mediation. You don’t have to fight a legal battle on your own with money out of your own pocket when civil matters arise. Instead, you can get telephonic advice or in-person guidance with the right cover.

Legal cover give you access to experts who can advise you about legislation affecting your business. You can also get assistance with issuing summons or defending summons issued against your business.

Is Legal Cover Worth It?

Most legal insurance clients in South Africa do not regret paying the monthly premium for legal insurance for their business because what they get is worth so much more. Along with a variety of legal insurance cover options, not having to pay legal expenses insurance companies cover is a great relief. The added peace of mind, knowing an unforeseen legal matter won’t cost your business an arm and a leg, makes it worthwhile.

Where to Get the Right Insurance for My Business?

Access to qualified lawyers, debt advice, legal advice, legal representation, litigation, and mediation support can be yours today. You don’t have to call different insurers to search for the best cover for your business. Instead, you can fill in the form at the top of this page, and our system will match you with the ideal provider. Best of all, they will call you!

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