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Everything You Need to Know About Employer’s Liability Insurance

Employer’s liability insurance protects an employer if their employees sue them.

Employers liability insurance cover protects you against claims from employees if there is no workers’ compensation in place. It can help protect your business if employees sue you for damages. 

You could find yourself liable to pay for the death or injury of workers. You could also be liable for the illness of any individual employed under contract. You can only be liable when a related incident during their employment with you is the cause.

How to Protect Your Business from Litigation

By adding employers liability insurance as an extension, you can benefit. This is to your existing business insurance cover. This will usually be an addition to directors’ and officers’ liability insurance. 

Incidents covered by this type of cover include sexual harassment and wrongful termination. It could also include discrimination and retaliation. breach of employment and harassment in the workplace. These are all situations that could cause litigation. If an employee or contractor sues you for any of these events, your business could be vulnerable. If an employee or contractor sues you for any of these events, your business could be vulnerable. You can avoid putting a strain on the finances of your business by taking out EPLI insurance.

How to Manage Your Risks with EPLI Insurance

  • You may need EPLI cover if you use the services of one or more employees
  • You may need employer’s liability insurance if you use temporary staff
  • You may need employer’s liability insurance if you make use of contractual workers

An employee can claim against you in any circumstance where they have suffered harm. Any type of business can have employers liability insurance from a business that offers manual labour services to a plumber or electrician. Even an IT business or hairdressing salon can benefit from this type of cover.

No matter what industry you’re in, you can get employers liability cover. The plan should cover costs  incurred while defending against a claim or to pay for bills like repairs, medication, or doctors’ visits.

How Can I Make My Business Less Vulnerable to Litigation?

You can make a difference in the workplace by making the work environment a safe, comfortable place for your staff. You can put good health practices in place as a step and reduce exposure to harmful substances to reduce risk.

Putting good health practices in place is a step in the right direction, and you can reduce exposure to harmful substances to reduce risk. Your staff will be less vulnerable if you supply them with protective gear.

All You Need to Know About Employer’s Liability Insurance Cover

  • Is there a difference between public liability insurance and employers liability insurance?

    Public liability covers the business against damages that they may cause at the client premises while rendering a service. It also covers the work they do, for example defective workmanship. Employers liability is basically injury on duty cover that only covers employees and not customers of the business. Employers liability is usually not a stand-alone product.

  • Do I need employers liability for my business?

    Employer’s liability insurance will protect you from claims made against you by employees. It will enable you to meet the costs of compensation for illness and injuries caused offsite or onsite.

  • I use subcontractors for my business. Will I need employers liability insurance?

    You may need to ask subcontractors to produce their licenses before hiring. This will tell you whether they are eligible for public liability cover. You should always check whether they’ve registered their workers.

Do you need employer’s liability insurance if you have no employees? 

If you are the sole entity of your company or you own 50% or more of the shares in the company and have no employees, you won’t need employer’s liability insurance cover. You might, however, discover certain clients require that you get employers liability insurance before you carry out any work for them.

It’s important to let your employees know you have employers liability insurance and display your certificate where everyone can see it. Your business might be a startup or in the initial stages now, but the minute you hire staff, this cover will protect your employees against injury, illness, and death.

What You Need to Know About Cover for Unpaid Workers

Your casual workers still need cover against illness, accidents, and death. You might only need someone for a few days, but even then you will need employers liability cover.

What You Need to Know to Get the Best Cover

As with all insurance costs, the amount you pay depends on what type of cover you need. It also depends on what industry or sector your business falls under and how many employees you use. You can get employers liability cover as a package deal to save costs on your business insurance. Or find an option that suites you by getting a FREE quote. Simply fill in our online form.

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