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Carpenters Insurance

Carpentry plays a vital role in the building industry.

Whether you are a small handyman enterprise just starting out or have been doing carpentry for an extended period of time, or perhaps you are a large carpentry company that installs cupboards and kitchens for the hospitality industry as well as other large projects; you will need carpentry insurance cover.

The fact is no matter how big or small your company is, you will need carpentry insurance cover that will take care of incidents, theft, liability issues, accidents, loss of equipment, loss of income, litigation  plus cover for a plethora of other eventualities.

Why choose us for your carpenters insurance?

  • We offer business insurance across the board, specialising in carpenters insurance.
  • Our insurance is reasonably priced.
  • We are able to service your carpentry business regardless of where you are based within the borders of South Africa.

What we do well:

  • Carpentry could prove to be a dangerous and hazardous occupation.
  • Should someone become injured or die, whether they are a third party, or whether they are workers or contractors, you need enough to pay our for hospitals, funerals and other similar claims.

If you are in the carpentry business and feel you need more specialised cover, call us for a carpenters insurance quote today without any further delay.

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