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Industrial Insurance

Industrial insurance is designed to protect a plethora of industries across the board. We are not only referring to insurance in the industrial sector, but cover for industries such glass works, racking and shelving companies as well as the automotive industry.

Glass factories and glass works:

  • The obvious cover here would be the glass, but there are numerous other aspects and cover needed in this type of industry.
  • Employees and employers are also at risk when working with glass or any other heavy industry.
  • Motor vehicles, trucks and delivery vans need to be covered against fire, accident, theft and hijackings.
  • Machinery in glass factories have to have adequate replacement insurance cover.

Racking and shelving companies:

  • Working with equipment and manufacturing steel products puts employees and staff at risk; cover for expensive equipment, trucks and vans all need to have industrial insurance.
  • Loss of earnings due to unforeseen circumstances as well as insurance against the elements is vital.
  • Computers, high-tech equipment, plus the bricks and mortar of factories are all insured under the industrial insurance umbrella.

As with all industries, there is a certain element of danger and risk; ensure that all your equipment is adequately covered at replacement value and that there is sufficientliability insurance should any accidents occur on the premises of the factory.

It is therefore suffice to say that not only are you responsible to ensure that your industrial insurance will cover all aspects of your industry, but that your factory or industry is covered against theft, fire or other mishaps that could and do happen in the heavy industrial environment.

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