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OUTsurance Business Insurance


Make sure your business keeps running smoothly no matter what with comprehensive and customisable insurance options from OUTsurance Business.

Who is OUTsurance?

OUTsurance is a leading insurance company based in South Africa that forms a division of Rand Merchant Insurance Holdings (RMI Holdings). The concept of getting money back for remaining claim-free was pioneered by OUTsurance, who have been operating since 1998. They have saved consumers hundreds of millions of Rands in premiums by paying out cash bonuses if their customers remain claim-free for predetermined periods of time.

OUTsurance has innovative value-for-money products, world-class service, and is most well known for paying out over R1million per day in OUTbonuses. Their insurance product range includes personal cover plans and commercial insurance options that can be customised to suit your business no matter its size. Any business in South African can enjoy cover for risk factors and dedicated business support from brokers.

How Does OUTsurance Business Insurance Work?

The OUTsurance Business Insurance policy can be fully customised to suit your business’ needs. You agree to pay one monthly premium amount. In return, the company gives you cover detailed in your policy documents. If an insured event occurs, you can then claim for financial coverage.

OUTsurance offers specialist insurance that can be tailored to your specific business alongside their range of business insurance products. If you opt for a “general” business cover policy, you can build it like a portfolio, with cover options such as buildings insurance, stock insurance, glass insurance, money insurance, and more. You can also choose from Business Motor, General Liability, and Industry-Specific cover.

If your business is complex, you may qualify for a dedicated Business OUTsurance Broker. Your ongoing, single point of contact will be the insurance professional who will help you navigate your unique needs in order to create your custom solution.

Types of Cover for Any Business with OUTsurance

Your business success depends on everything and everyone working together harmoniously. When just one element is removed, your operation can be thrown off balance. Peace of mind can be yours, no matter what risks your business is exposed to when you choose a customised plan from OUTsurance Business.

OUTsurance Business offers 4 categories of cover: business motor, general business, industry-specific business, and business liability cover. In each category, you can choose elements that will form part of your policy. We take a quick look at each category below.

General Business Insurance

This plan is designed to cover your entire business and all its major risks, from your equipment to your premises, stock, and staff. Working with Business OUTsurance brokers, customers get truly customised policies perfect for their specific business needs. Some elements you can consider including in this policy are:

OUTsurance Buildings Cover

This option covers your physical business premises and buildings against water, fire, explosion, and impact damage. It also covers weather damage due to storm, lightning, hail, snow, and wind. You have the option of adding cover for accidental damage, subsidence and landslip, power surges, and malicious damage.

Money Cover

Insure your actual, physical money from loss or damage with this option. OUTsurance Money Cover also covers loss or damage to locks, keys, receptacles, clothes, and more due to attempted theft or theft of larger amounts of money. If the thieves attempt to gain entry by using a skeleton key, you will also be covered.

All-Risk Cover

If you choose this option, you’ll get comprehensive worldwide cover for any business items you use outside of the office for loss, theft, and damage.

Business Interruption Cover

Damage to your business is one thing. What about the cost of not being able to conduct business? If you have this interruption insurance, you can recover lost revenue and rental income.

Accounts Receivable Cover

It’s important that your business’ actual book of accounts is insured. This option covers you for the loss or damage of your business’ book of accounts and any reasonable costs and expenses that may be incurred as a result.

Glass Cover

Depending on the type of business you run, glass can be a major aesthetic element or even a functional one. This option provides the cover you need to fix what can be broken. OUTsurance covers the cost of removal and reinstallation of fixture/fittings necessary for glass replacement.

Plants, Contents, and Machinery Cover

Every business in South Africa relies on assets. With this option, you can cover these assets against a list of insured events. Assets can include anything from your office furniture to the products you produce and tools used to render a service.

Personal Accident Cover

Business isn’t possible without people. In the case of death and bodily injuries to the people involved in your business, this type of insurance will pay out.

Fidelity Cover

OUTsurance offers insurance that protects your business against employees who might act dishonestly, because people can be unpredictable.

Electronic Equipment Cover

Worried your expensive electronic equipment could be damaged, lost or stolen? This option makes sure they get replaced. It covers laptops, tablets, and specialist electronics.

Business Motor Cover with OUTsurance

This category is about more than just covering your fleet. The country’s biggest short-term insurer now offers tailored solutions for motor trading companies. If your business is cars, you can now cover your motor stock, internal motor damage, and external motor damage in one plan!

Internal damage is when an employee damages a customer’s car while driving it. External damage describes events where an incident occurs away from your main place of business. Their commercial car insurance comes with a low flat excess and added benefits. With this plan, you can protect your commercial vehicles, buses, trailers, caravans, motorcycles, and even your private vehicles.

OUTsurance Business Liability Cover Options

Claims for legal liabilities can have massive financial implications. Instead of leaving it to chance, you can cover your liability risks with OUTsurance. They offer public liability cover, motor liability cover, and employers liability cover.

Industry-Specific OUTsurance Business Cover Options

Looking for cover to suit your industry-specific risks and requirements? OUTsurance offers fleet insurance, agricultural insurance, engineering insurance, motor trader insurance, and hospitality insurance.

How Do I Get OUTsurance Business Insurance?

You can start today by getting a quote on our website for the type of cover you need and an insurance provider will be in contact with you shortly thereafter. Just fill in the form at the top of this page. It’s fast, easy, and obligation-free!

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