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OUTsurance Business Insurance


With OUTsurance Business Insurance you will get money back if you don’t claim – do you know that OUTsurance has paid out literally billions in cash in OUTbonuses, saving clients hundreds of millions of Rands?

Cutting-edge products, value-for money guarantees, and a top-notch service combined holds the promise of offering consumers cover for their business.

Your business property:

If you are looking for cover for your business against fire, accidental damage, theft or other losses including loss of earnings due to machinery breakdown or other interruptions – OUTsurance Business Insurance has your back.

Office contents, glass damage, money, buildings, goods in transit, electronic items and removable items are all covered by OUTsurance Business Insurance.

Furthermore, you will be able to get comprehensive cover for your business vehicles and fleet, trailers, motorcycles and more.

OUTsurance Liability cover for your business:

When taking out liability cover for your business ensure that you have sufficient cover whether it is to cover public liability, liability for employees, motor liability or any other type of business liability cover.

OUTsurance Business Insurance will tailor products and insurance cover to suit your individual business needs for your particular niche industry.

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