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Auto & General Business Insurance


Auto & General Business Insurance has every niche industry covered.

Select a product from Auto & Business, Auto & Office, Auto & Practice, Auto & Professional, Auto & Guest, Auto & Tradesman – it makes little difference what type of business you run, Auto & General Business Insurance has all industries covered.

Auto & Business:

Because different businesses has different needs, Auto & Business will ensure these are catered to and met.

Auto & Office

Running your own business and office comes with a whole set of responsibilities – business insurance cover being one of these. Select Auto & Office to assist.

Auto & Practice

Auto & Practice had been created for practices – whether it is a psychologist, doctor, dentist or other – Auto & Practice offers products that will ensure you have all avenues covered.

Other products from Auto & General Business Insurance include Auto & Professional, Auto & Guest for those that are in the hospitality and affiliated businesses, Auto & Tradesman to ensure your equipment and tools are taken care of; additionally, we offer you Directors & Officers to cover human error should the need arise, and last but not least, enjoy the security of Business Plus cover.