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Auto and General Business Insurance


Cover your business with comprehensive insurance that is highly customisable with Auto & General in South Africa.

Who is Auto and General?

Auto and General is a strong contender in the business insurance industry of South Africa. With over 3 decades of experience and a wealth of knowledge, you can find cover and service ideal for your business.

When you purchase a contract of insurance from Autogen, you can expect service excellence and affordable cover. South Africans can safeguard their company’s future with cover, such as buildings insurance and more on offer from A&G.

Who Owns Auto and General Insurance?

Auto & General Business Insurance forms part of the Auto & General Insurance Company Limited. This company is one of a group of companies owned by Telesure Investment Holdings Group.

How Does Auto & General Business Insurance Work?

A&G offers flexible options to suit your individual business. You can choose the ideal cover for your type of business and opt for added benefits. They can adapt their commercial insurance policy to over seven hundred types of organisations.

You can start by getting an online quote. Next, customers can select the assist benefits and types of cover they want to include in their policy. The details of your cover and the agreement between you and Auto & General will be detailed in the Auto and General business insurance policy wording.

Before you sign these documents, you can check exclusions, benefits, and any conditions of cover. Once you sign, you commit to paying a monthly premium to the insurer. In return for your monthly insurance premium, Auto and General will cover perils such as business interruption or theft.

If an insured event occurs, you can claim on your policy and get financial pay-outs or repairs and replacements. This African insurance company follows the short-term insurance act of South Africa, so you can trust that your cover will remain stable and dependable.

What Does A&G Business Insurance Cover?

If you face third-party claims, Auto and General specialised liability cover can protect your business. If you’ve got a start-up that needs financial protection in its vulnerable stages of growth, you can purchase small business insurance from A&G. It’s designed to give you the cover you need but cut out extras that cost more that aren’t vital.

If you own a trucking company or work in logistics and deliveries, the A&G Commercial vehicle and commercial heavy vehicle plans can benefit you. Finally, if you need cover for key persons such as directors and officers. If you need protection for your office, or for a wide range of general risks, you can get corporate insurance from A&G.

As with any insurer, each policy will have exclusions. It is important to familiarise yourself with these so that there are no nasty surprises when you need to claim. For example, heavy commercial truck insurance cover may exclude cover for drivers driving under the influence. Or business interruption insurance may exclude pandemic lockdowns.

 Types of Business Cover at Auto & General

Auto and General Commercial Insurance

  • Office Insurance

    There are several types of Commercial Insurance policies on offer at A&G. Businesses such as training centres and general business offices or professionals, such as travel agents and estate agents, can benefit from the office insurance plan.

  • Professional Insurance

    This type of plan gives professionals such as accountants, architects, engineers, IT consultants, and lawyers adequate cover for all insurable perils within their professional capacity.

  • Tradesman Insurance

    Are you an expert in your trade? This type of policy may be ideal for you if you are an artisan, electrician, painter, plumber, doctor, veterinarian, psychiatrist, dentist, optometrist, florist, hairdresser, or even bookshop owner. This policy can also suit the needs of a bed-and-breakfast business.

Auto and General Specialised Liability Cover

If someone holds you legally liable as a business for claims of damage and injury, you’ll be glad you purchased specialised liability cover at Autogen. You can choose to extend your cover to include other types of cover, such as professional indemnity, broadform liability, directors and officers liability, and more.

This type of policy includes cover for damage to third parties or their property, defective workmanship, negligent advice, and the legal costs of your defence or settlement. You can choose to include assist benefits such as emergency medical on this or any of your policies with A&G.

A&G Small Business Insurance

Your small business is especially vulnerable to risks and losses. Although your capital may be limited, you need insurance more than ever. For such cases, the Auto and General small business cover option is ideal.

While it covers most common perils, it also includes cover types that may be unique to your operations. You can customise your cover after getting an insurance quote by adding goods in transit cover, buildings cover, public liability cover, and more.

Auto and General Commercial Vehicle Cover

Accidents, theft, hijacking, third-party liability, and a number of acts of nature can be covered by the A&G Comprehensive Commercial Vehicle Insurance plan. If you want more affordable insurance cover, you can choose third-party only cover or third-party, theft, and fire cover.

What Are the Benefits of Insurance with A&G?

You can choose to add benefits to your policy. Some benefits come standard with each agreement of insurance, while others require an additional fee.

  • Cash Back Plus

This benefit costs a small additional monthly fee. With this benefit, you can get a quarter of all your premiums back if you remain claim free for four years!

  • Business Assist

This benefit comes standard with all Autogen business plans. It offers the insured advice, mentorship, and 24/7 support.

  • Roadside Assist

When you insure a company car or vehicle with A&G, you can get 24/7 roadside assistance for a flat tyre or breakdown.

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