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Mining Insurance

Cover all aspects within the mining industry

We offer comprehensive mining insurance throughout South Africa, covering all aspects within the mining industry; this cover will suffice whether incorporating gold mining, coal mining or platinum mines.

Mines that we cover;

Mining Insurance

Gold Mines

Mining Insurance

Coal Mines

Mining Insurance

Platinum Mines

The world’s your oyster when it comes to mining insurance cover.

Mining insurance for Pretoria, Durban Cape Town and Johannesburg plus the surrounding areas will be insured by us, as well as all those other remote areas where mining takes place within the borders of South Africa.

Suffice to say mining plays an integral role in the economy of South Africa, therefore the mining insurance that we offer will play an even bigger part.

Here is a list of some of the cover that we offer within the mining industry:

  • We will cover the property that belongs to the mine; this is includes the property above the ground as well as the property beneath the ground.
  • We will offer workmen’s compensation, which as we all know is vital in the mining industry.
  • We offer comprehensive liability cover.
  • Our mining insurance will also cover business interruption insurance as well as offering contingent business interruption analysis.
  • Our mining insurance offers claims consulting.
  • We present an international programme design and management.
  • Our mining insurance covers agent’s errors and omissions.
  • We also insure loss control, terrorism as well as environmental issues.

Suffice to say; whether you are looking for mining insurance in Pretoria, Durban, Cape Town or Johannesburg, or anywhere else where mining insurance cover is required, we will be able to tailor the perfect product for your needs.

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