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Builders Insurance

We offer builder’s insurance to protect you and your business from unscrupulous thieves, unhappy circumstances and unfortunate incidents. It makes little difference how careful we try to be, life happens and if you are not insured for the correct amount, you could find yourself out of a business, no income plus you could be faced with an incredibly large lawsuit.

We offer builders insurance for the DIY handyman who has a small SME or for those companies that have a large work-force and equally large responsibilities.

Why choose us for your builders insurance?

  • Our prices for insurance cover are competitive.
  • We are able to give you builders insurance so long as you are based within the borders of South Africa
  • We offer a full online service that will take care of all the challenges that are so typical of the building trade.

Why we are deemed to be the best in the industry:

  • We have tailored a product that will take care of all eventualities in the building trade.
  • Should someone die or is injured while working for you, or a third party is injured due to negligence or an accident, we will adapt a product that will have sufficient cover should these circumstances arise.

If you would like to get a tailored builder’s insurance quote, contact us today to find out more.

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