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Handyman Insurance

Find the right financial protection for your handyman business.

Below, we look at what handyman insurance covers and the types of business insurance someone offering handyman services may need.

What is Handyman Insurance?

Handyman insurance is a financial product designed to protect handyman businesses from common perils that could spell disaster for their company, such as property damage, third-party claims, and loss of or damage to equipment. Each insurance company offers a variety of cover options, and not all have policies designed specifically for handymen. A handyman insurance policy is a form of business insurance that can include a number of cover types, such as errors and omissions cover, public liability insurance, and commercial auto insurance, for example.

Who Needs This Type of Cover?

Self-employed handymen need this type of cover to safeguard the future of their business. If you are a handyman contractor working on site at a larger project, this insurance can protect your business equipment, cash flow, and the financial future of your company. Handymen such as plumbers, electricians, carpenters, mechanics, builders, and more, can all benefit from this type of cover.

You can even get insurance for gardeners or an insurance package for your power tools! With this cover, you can put aside your worries about tool theft, accidental damage, or even work-related injuries. Often, standard cover in a business insurance policy may not cover all the risks you face as a professional services provider.


How Does Insurance for Handymen Work?

If you want handyman business insurance, you may need to shop around. You can sometimes find a business insurance policy designed specifically for handymen. More often, insurance providers offer different types of business insurance that can cover a range of occupations. You can choose to get single insurance products on their own, or to get a combined policy or build a portfolio of policies to cover all the risks you may face.

Once you have found the insurer you want to get cover through, you can explore your options. Or you can get quotes for different types of cover from us. The insurer will give you documents to sign, and they will sign these same documents. These contain details about your cover and what is expected of you as the insured.

There will be policy limits such as exclusions or things that aren’t covered. It is important to familiarise yourself with what is and isn’t covered in your policy. It will also detail what your monthly premium payment will be.

How Much is Handyman Insurance in South Africa?

The amount you pay for your insurance will differ depending on the insurer you choose. Other factors can also play a role. For example, liability coverage can vary in price depending on your risk profile and how much you want to be covered for. It’s best to get a quote for handyman insurance to see how much you would be paying before you buy the product.

Do Handymen Need to be Insured?

The handyman laws in South Africa do not outright require that all handymen be insured. That said, many clients may request proof of your insurance coverage, such as a certificate of insurance, before hiring you. Although it is not a legal requirement, it is an excellent idea to get covered for material risks.

It can help you if bodily injury, loss, death, theft, or other perils lead to liability claims against you. Insurance for handyman businesses can also help you cover medical bills or the cost of replacing insured equipment in some circumstances.

Handyman insurance costs are much lower than the possible financial losses that could occur in an unforeseen circumstance. It is better to be prepared ahead of time. You can explore your insurance options in more detail below.


What Does Handyman Insurance Cover?

The policy you choose will determine the extent of your cover. For example, you can get equipment coverage for expensive tools with asset insurance or all-risk business insurance. You can get cover for accidental injury claims with handyman liability insurance. If you are concerned about being sued for problems with your work and resulting damage claims, you can get cover with professional indemnity insurance.

What Types of Insurance Do Handymen Need?

If you do not find a specialised handyman insurance policy that suits your needs or if you want more control over your portfolio, you can consider the following types of handyman insurance coverage:

– Commercial Vehicle Insurance

– Commercial Property Insurance

– Professional Liability Insurance

Public Liability Insurance

– Equipment Insurance

How to get Insurance for Handyman in South Africa

You can get handyman insurance quotes from us for free! We make it easy to get the best policy for your needs thanks to partnerships with leading insurers and a high-tech system designed to select the best provider for you.

If you want the right cover, you don’t need an insurance broker or to search through multiple offers. Instead, you can fill in the form we have provided on this page to take advantage of our free quote service.

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