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MiWay Business Insurance



When Sourcing Cover for Your Business The Secret Lies in Finding The Right Cover For Your Niche Industry

Miway Business Insurance is dedicated to its clients and promises to find the right insurance cover for your niche industry.

Miway offers a wide selection of products which include cover for:

Business vehicles such as cars and bakkies, as well as fleets, trucks and vans. Emergency vehicles, tow trucks and vehicles, transportation of explosives, fireworks, arms and ammunition, asbestos and asbestos products, and law enforcement cars, however, are not covered by Miway Business Insurance.

Motor racing vehicles are also excluded from this cover.

Miway Business Insurance offers Trailer Insurance although trailers are insured separately.

Goods In Transit is another product that is offered by Miway Business Insurance.

Business Property Cover will insure against loss and theft as well as damage to the bricks and mortar of your business as well as any electronic and specialised equipment, your money, office contents and any stock you have.

Enjoy other cover such as Business Liability Cover, Business Personal Accident, Business All Risk, Body Corporate, Plant and Machinery Cover as well as MiBusiness Assist products to ensure every aspect of your business is taken care of.

MiWay Business Insurance has your business covered – every step of the way.

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