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Business Legal Insurance

Grow your business in a legally protected environment

You’ve worked hard to grow your business from a small business to what it is today. As the business keeps growing things get more complicated and you will run into an increasing amount of legal complexity, complexity which you cannot foresee and complexity for which you may not have the resources (time, financial or skills) to deal with.

Make sure your business is legally protected

The good news is there are companies who, like you, dedicate themselves to doing only what they do best: offering business legal insurance.
So while you concentrate on growing your business you can rest easy knowing that you have a legal plan for your business in place to cover expensive legal costs when they inevitably arise.

Who needs business legal cover?

Any growing business, whether small or large will most likely at some point have to deal with a legal matter. Business owners are often not prepared for the costs and time incurred when this happens and this can negatively influence your business operations. Legal business insurance is an essential part of ensuring the growth and future of your business.

Why do I need business legal cover?

As a growing business you will come into situations which require legal counsel or guidance. Such situations may include civil guidance (such as the Consumer Protection Act), labour guidance (such as CCMA matters), commercial contracts (such as employment contracts) or debt collection matters (such as blacklisting of business debtors).

Legal situations can be costly (up to R3,000 per hour) but the correct business legal insurance will cover your business against legal costs from as little as R450 per month.

What do we offer? will put you in touch with some of South Africa’s leading insurance providers, who specialise in legal insurance for small to large businesses.

Legal business plans include legal guidance, advice and representation for labour matters, civil matters, commercial contracts, and debt collection (including access to documentation and more). With the right business legal cover, you’ll have your own legal team available 24/7.


  • Letters of demand
  • Negotiation & implementation of payment plans
  • Telephonic demands to business debtors
  • Issuing of summons and obtaining garnishee orders



  • Employee dispute resolution
  • CCMA referrals
  • Bargaining council referrals
  • Written warnings
  • Retrenchment proceedings
  • Workmen’s compensation
  • Labour court proceedings
  • Union negotiations
  • Disciplinary hearings


  • Purchase and sale agreements
  • Commercial lease agreements
  • Service level agreements
  • Employment contracts
  • Non-disclosure agreements
  • Suretyship agreements
  • Acknowledgement of debt agreements
  • General outsourcing agreements



  • Guidance & advice on legislation affecting your business
  • Issuing summons on behalf of your business
  • Defending summons issued against your business
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