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Florist Insurance

We suggest you start off on the right foot

Never underestimate the need for specialist insurance cover for any industry whether it is florist insurance cover you require or whether it is for another type of business.

We insure both large and small enterprises, factories, shops, retail outlets, shopping centres, florists, butchers plus a plethora of other industries.

The secret in insuring any industry specific is in the detail; we suggest you start off on the right foot by using our services as we will be able to offer an insurance portfolio designed specifically with your needs and requirements uppermost in mind.

Why choose us for your florist insurance?

  • We have many years of specialist business insurance experience under our belts and are well-versed in dealing with all insurance claims and eventualities, regardless of the industry in question.
  • We are able to insure any business throughout South Africa.
  • We offer a cost-effective solution for all insurance needs.

Our specialist florist insurance cover is designed to:

  • Insure everything from delivery vans to delicate equipment.
  • Heat and cold will play a role – we will tailor your insurance needs to ensure that all is well even if you suffer losses.
  • We are able to cover all your equipment from tills to laptops – but specifying these is important.

If you are looking for florist insurance we will offer you florist insurance quotes that will fit into any budget – both large and small.

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