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Employer Insurance

Everything from casualty to keyman insurance.

It is always wise to take out sufficient cover in the event of a mishap or accident happening in the workplace; inadequate insurance will leave you as a business owner vulnerable to lawsuits.

We offer a broad spectrum of employer insurance for Pretoria, Durban, Cape Town and Johannesburg which covers everything from casualty to keyman insurance.

Other cover that we offer is for liability insurance, Worker’s Compensation, business interruption insurance and health insurance.

Employers’ Liability cover is designed to protect your staff as well as sub-contractors should there be an accident on your premises or even a death; more often than not, you will be legally liable and responsible for the accident.

Key man insurance has been designed to step in and assist if you are a sole proprietor and the key person running your business, or should someone within a company who holds a responsible position, suddenly die.

A key person is an individual who is vital when it comes to skills and knowledge in running a one-man show or an individual who is “matchless” within a company; an individual who contributes hugely in the success and profitability of running a business; key person insurance will endeavour to replace the person who has either died, become ill or been disabled and ensure that the loss has as little impact on the running of the operation as possible.

Proceeds from Key Person Insurance will be paid out to the business, which will be used where the business needs it most.

If you are in the market for employer insurance for Pretoria, Durban, Cape Town or Johannesburg, we have cover for every aspect of your operation.

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