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Plumber Insurance

If you are looking for plumbers insurance for your business, we have the right product specifically to suit your plumbing business.

Regardless of whether yours is a one-man show with one or two employees or your business services the building industry fitting plumbing into hotel groups, developments and other large projects.

Our plumbing insurance is designed specifically with the plumbing industry in mind offering cover over and above the usual business insurance.

Why choose us for your plumbing insurance needs?

  • We will offer you a cost-effective solution to all your handyman insurance needs and requirements.
  • We are able to give you plumbing insurance cover regardless of which province in South Africa your business is located in.
  • Our plumbing offerings will cover every aspect of your business, including liability cover, cover for your cars and fleets, in addition to all the equipment that you need to transport to ensure a job is well done.

What makes our plumbing insurance better than others?

  • We look at your business as a whole entity.
  • We take into account that yours is a unique service offered, and that although there will be cover that will suffice for many industries, plumbing is unique and has exclusive requirements.

If you are looking for plumbers’ insurance quotes for all eventualities, call us today to find out what we have to offer.

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