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Everything concerning business insurance for hairdressers

The secret is to ensure that everything that is not included on the insurance schedule is specified – all you need to do is to inform us about these specifications and supply the serial number that appears on the product.

We offer the whole enchilada as far as business insurance for hairdressers is concerned.  As a matter of facts, we specialise in the cover of all business establishments across the board, with products that include everything from loss of income insurance, key person insurance, cover for your business vehicles, liability insurance, cover for your equipment, insurance for buildings, fixtures and fittings, as well as cover for expensive computer equipment, laptops and more.

There is a lot more to running a hair or beauty salon than meets the eye, therefore should something untoward happen to you, your clients or your staff, your premises or that very specialised equipment, you need to ensure that you have the right kind of retail business cover at replacement costs, and not at the original cost.

It is a good idea to compile an asset register every year; we will be able to assist with this if you are not certain how to put one together. Asset registers are excellent for all businesses, and not only large blue chip corporates.

Building up a business takes years, as does building up stock and equipment. Should these suffer damage through negligence, natural phenomena such as storms or through theft, the only way to safeguard all of these is to have the right kind of insurance cover.

Mistakes do and will happen – human error is a common occurrence, and in the beauty world, chemicals, hot wax, sharp pairs of scissors plus a myriad other implements are made use of all the time furthermore these are often dangerous if not used correctly.

It is our business to insure your business no matter what goes wrong. We offer a full package of cover that will ensure you continue to operate, specialising  in business insurance across the board – whether you are a hairdressing salon, run a beauty establishment or similar, remember that it takes years to build up but seconds to lose everything.

Suffice to say business insurance for hairdressers is one thing entirely, but having the right cover for all eventualities is an entirely different animal altogether. Our business insurance for hairdressers has been designed to give you peace of mind.

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