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You have a responsibility towards your clients and staff

We cover all aspects of insurance for your retail outlet; this includes your hairdressing salon, beauty salon, butcher, bakery, coffee shop, restaurant, florist and any other type of establishment that you need to cover.

Do you have a retail outlet and are in the market for retail insurance in Pretoria, Durban, Cape Town and Johannesburg?

If you deal with people on any level whatsoever no matter what type of retail operation you run, it is imperative that your equipment is handled with care to avoid major mishaps from occurring. Should one of your clients be injured whilst on your premises, you will need adequate liability insurance if there is a  claim for injury and at times even death.

You have a responsibility towards your clients and staff; therefore adequate insurance, which we will tailor to your individual specific needs, is imperative.If you own a retail outlet of any description there are real risks that come hand-in-glove in the retail world.

This list highlights some of the negative aspects as well as some of the areas that need to be insured when running a retail operation:

  • We will insure all your stock, raw materials, products as well as any finished goods that are in your care.
  • We will offer retail cover against theft and pilfering.
  • Money that you keep on your premises is insured by our retail insurance cover.
  • Public liability, which is perhaps the most important type of cover, is essential.
  • We will insure your business against business interruption.

Our retail insurance in Pretoria, Durban, Cape Town and Johannesburg can tailor the type of cover you need for your individual operation.

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