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Pub and Bar Insurance


Every business is different and each business owner quite unique. Therefore, a one-size-fits-all Pub & Bar Insurance will never be the route to take when shopping around for insurance cover.

Insurance service providers “get it” and understand the pressures that go hand-in-glove when running an establishment that is customer-centric.

With access to all the major players in the insurance industry, cover specifically tailored for any type of pub, bar, restaurant and nightclub is essential, whether it is a small pub tucked away in the countryside or a bustling hive of activity in the centre of one of the many metropolises dotted throughout South Africa.

Look out for this cover for your pub or bar:

  •         Buildings insurance cover
  •         Business interruption insurance
  •         Liability insurance
  •         Insurance for loss of takings and money
  •         Glass insurance

Every establishment has its own unique needs – if your premises are licensed and you have a public establishment, you need peace of mind and need to know that you can run your business with confidence.

Use only experienced, expert service providers that have a deep understanding of the pub and bar industry.

Look for full protection for all the risks such as injury to patrons and staff and protecting your valuable alcohol.

Select tailored Pub & Bar Insurance tailored to your specific needs.

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