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Property Insurance

Insurance for property covers a wide variety of damage that is incurred to both fixtures and fittings; this includes cover for any damage and perils that has occurred to structures of many different types.

Ensure that your property is insured in the event of something unexpected happening to your fixed assets.

Buildings are defined as a structure or structures that are made of brick, stone, concrete or metal on a metal framework, and which is roofed with slate, tiles, metal, concrete or asbestos or if there is another material that is specifically stated in the insurance schedule.

Property insurance also refers to sporting and recreational structures, the fixtures and fittings of a landlord, walls, with the exception of dam walls, gates, posts, fences, paved and tarred roads and driveways, paths and also parking lots.

Insurance of property also covers loss of rent resulting in the property being damaged and as a result becomes untenable; the insurance will only cover the building until it is in a fit state to be rented out once again.

Property insurance also covers the event whereby an individual is injured or dies when on the premises.

Insurance for property covers fire, lightning, thunderbolt damage, subterranean fire and explosion. Your buildings will also be insured against storms, wind, water damage, and also damage incurred because of hail or snow.

Ensure that your property insurance covers your buildings or property sufficiently in the event of something unexpected happening to your fixed assets. Your building insurance broker will be able to assist in guiding you with regards to insurance for your building. Why not give them a call today to find out how to move forward? With accreditation being so strict, your professional broker would have the kind of knowledge you will need wand therefore will be able to guide you and assist where you might need information pertaining to property insurance.

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