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Cover your commercial building against natural catastrophes

It is essential to ensure that when covering your commercial building against natural catastrophes, that you choose carefully and well.

The short-term insurance industry has been spearheaded by the South African Insurance Association (SAOA) and the Financial Intermediaries Association (FIA) in determining the changing environmental, social and governance issues that are presently taking place in South Africa and what impact these all have on insuring commercial buildings; in other words it is all about readying South Africa’s infrastructure for the impending climate, social and political changes that are taking place.

It is therefore important to make certain that our “built environment” has the right cover when something does go wrong.

South Africa’s infrastructure deficit is no secret and many local authorities are buckling under the strain of providing electricity, water and sanitation to a rapidly growing population.

It is therefore small wonder that short-term insurers are worried about climate and other changes and the impact of higher global temperatures in addition to erratic weather phenomena such as severe storms.

Reasons for taking out Commercial Property Insurance cover in a world where weather patterns and the world in general are fast changing:

  • Commercial building insurance can protect your business from a minor hiccup to a major catastrophe.
  • Whether you own your building, lease space or work at home, business property insurance will protect your business assets.
  • SME’s require commercial property insurance as the cover will take care of any damage sustained to your outdoor sign, your building, furniture and equipment, your stock, landscaping, paving, fencing or any other part of your building.
  • The property belonging to other individuals will also be covered by your commercial building insurance provider.

Recently a single 15-minute hailstorm wreaked havoc in Gauteng and caused over R1 billion worth of damage to businesses, households, cars and household goods– if this should happen to you and your business are you covered against this eventuality?

Natural catastrophes pose massive unadulterated risk throughout South Africa and insurers play an active role when it come to identifying these risks in addition to assisting clients with the right advice and cover. Commercial building insurance has been created to ensure that your specific business is covered regardless of the type of eventuality you might experience.

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