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As a start-up enterprise it is imperative to have a watertight budget in place and to stick to it every step of the way. Control your destiny by sticking to a plan is the best way to steer your way straight.

For many of us budgeting is the least favourite business management tool. But because it is one of the most important and valuable tools in your management arsenal you need to overcome your dislike for this very necessary part of running your business.

Here are seven clever tips to help you, as a start-up, to manage your budget:

  • Chances are that your budget will be wrong at first as is the case with most budgets. Although this means guessing for the future and not being quite as accurate as you would like it to be at first – just remember that without a budget you cannot have a plan to work with to correct this at a later stage. It is, after all, a starting point.
  • Reviewing that start-up budget is all-important – remember that it is not the budget per se that matters – the secret to your budget’s success is reviewing it. Regular reviewing of that all-important budget and adjusting it accordingly with actual expenses is what counts and makes this a successful tool.
  • Setting a budget review schedule is essential. This includes who, what and where when setting up a budget meeting. A regular monthly budget review, especially as your company starts to grow, is imperative. Take note that a budget review is perhaps one of the most powerful start-up tools on offer. Bringing everyone together to work on the budget builds up pride and is a brilliant incentive for the betterment of the business as a whole.
  • Perhaps the most important aspect of any budget is to try and keep it as uncomplicated as possible.
  • You don’t need complicated tools for an accurate budget. Avoid getting carried away with the many tools available such as accounting software because at the end of the day what matters most is that you are disciplined to tackle this task on a regular basis.
  • Be consistent at all times – no matter what tools are implemented. Excellent visibility and accurate information on a consistent level will make your budget work well for you and your start-up business.
  • Good budgeting and words brought together will make magic. This is the best way to control your company steering it into a successful future – otherwise you will only experience complete chaos along the way.

Bear in mind that visibility of assumptions play a role – these can and will affect your budget and because we live in a world of constant change, good budgeting will enable you to keep current and help you manage your money well.

Set up your budget so that you can strategise your priorities; perhaps this is the wisest move going forward.

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