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Because we all only have 24 hours in a day, seven days a week, it is important to manage time well otherwise one’s to-do list starts reading like a bad novel.

There is no time like the present to rethink the way we do everyday things.

It is time to cut the bedlam and manage your time better in order to do more and do it better.

Start off by managing your email:

You don’t have to respond to all your emails. It is high time to prioritise your mail and reply to only the ones you absolutely have to.

Lower value mail as well as messages that are intended for other people can honestly be ignored completely.

Email is meant to simplify the lives of many – but instead it is often an intrusive nuisance that takes up far too much of our time.

There is often too much of it and most of simply lack the training or the skills to do more than react emotionally and basically let it push us into a corner.

It is time to improve your life by managing your emails.

Listed here are five email tips towards elevated productivity:

  • Choose the easy ones first: 

If you can respond with a one or two liner response, do it right away. Remember it is about action and not about filing and reflecting. Get those easy ones out of your way right away and get right back to work. 

  • Choose to write less:

Responding fast with one-liners and short actions will get the job done quickly. Either ask for more in-depth information, pose a couple of questions or just say you don’t know the answer.

  • Cheat a little:

Draw up a template that will answer the basics – after all, who will know. 

  • It is time to shut off Auto-Check:

Either turn off your automatic check altogether or set it to something a little more feasible such as every hour. Rethinking your approach is not a bad idea – process, tag, and respond to the ones that are urgent and then get right back to work.

  • Honesty is the best policy

If you know for certain that the chances are nil regarding a certain email, then either file it or delete it and ditch the guilt as well.

Remember that even though email is a brilliant tool, it was meant to make life easier and not more difficult. And if you don’t manage your time effectively then the latter will definitely become the case when it comes to emails.

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