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For those keen to make a success of your start-up, you need money and to make money, you need to know how to successfully sell.

The whole point of running a business is not to save money, but to make money – it’s about getting rich.

There is an art to selling – a skill that can be learnt. Although there are certain individuals that are born with a certain gift when it comes to selling, the best sales people are those that have to learn how to sell.

Apply these eight steps for selling successfully:

  • Always tell the truth and nothing but the trutheven though telling half-truths might appear to be a quick-fix solution, remember that with social media the world is shrinking all the time , and chances are that if you lie, it is only a question of time before being found out.
  • Listen, listen and listenlistening to your clients and what they have to say – selling is all about listening to what your customers have to say and what he or she wants or needs.
  • First impressions are lasting if you are late, are messy and don’t portray a professional appearance, you won’t give a good first impression.
  • Always be respectfulit is respectful to take time out to find out what is and what is not acceptable culturally for your client. For example, shaking the hand of a religious Jewish man if you are a female is a sign of disrespect. Respecting local customs and being patient are all signs of respect.
  • Be accommodatingnetworking is part of selling, and the more people you assist on your journey the larger your network will become.
  • Take responsibility for your business – at times we have to roll with the punches – if it is your business, it is your responsibility to take care of issues that pop up unexpectedly.
  • Be real – always be who you are. Never pretend who you are not. Pretending to be or do something you don’t or are not will soon be doomed to failure.
  • Closing the sale – because it is not uncommon for some clients to beat about the bush, it might be a good idea to ask for a commitment.

If you are keen to make a success of your start-up business you need revenue and to get revenue you will need to learn the art of selling.

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