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Types of Liability Insurance 

There are many kinds of liability insurance options for businesses, and what your company needs to cover will determine which options you include in your liability insurance policy.

Public Liability Cover

An important part of any business’ risk management strategy includes public liability insurance. This type of insurance provides cover for instances where members of the public, in particular, bring claims against your company for damages, injuries, or fatalities. There are different forms of public liability insurance available. This type of insurance is valuable for businesses and professionals who interact with members of the public.

Vehicle Third-Party Liability Cover

Third-party liability cover for your company cars or vehicles covers losses, damages, and injuries for other parties in an accident, but not your own losses, damages, or injuries. This type of liability insurance is very affordable, making it an attractive option for companies on a budget.

The business will be covered for costs owed to the other party in an accident, however, their own costs will still need to be paid. The risks of this option sometimes do not outweigh the benefits of third-party vehicle insurance as a standalone option when a company or business is in a tight financial position. Find out more about Motor liability insurance for businesses.

Your level of risk determines your need for liability cover


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How can Liability Insurance benefit me & my business?

All businesses need liability cover, but the type of cover you need will depend on your industry, type of business, and how your business operates. A bed-and-breakfast establishment, for example, may need more than just General Liability Cover for cases where guests may get injured. Your level of risk determines your need for liability cover. Think, “What could happen, and how can I prepare if the worst should happen?”

Small and large businesses alike need liability insurance. If your company works with vehicles, you will need third-party vehicle insurance or liability insurance to protect your fleet in case of accidents. If your company works with the public, you will need liability insurance.

Liability cover protects the insured company from the need to pay thousands of rands for damages, injuries, and other liabilities. Liability insurance can benefit your business no matter what size it is.

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