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Should Contractors Have Their Own Insurance?

Although liability insurance isn’t a legal requirement for building contractors, it is still vital for your operations. So yes, contractors should have their own insurance policies to cover their risks and safeguard the way they make money. In addition, many employers may require certain types of insurance cover in the contract or agreement.

Nobody plans for accidental damage or bodily injury, but the reality is that perils like these could cause financial damage to your business. To get the peace of mind you deserve, no matter what construction project you’re working on, it’s a good idea to get contractor liability insurance and other forms of business insurance for your work.

How Does Contractor Insurance Work?

Some insurers sell business cover designed for contractors specifically. These policies should include all the types of insurance cover you may need. The other option is to build a business insurance portfolio made of the different cover types you’ll need. A portfolio would be a combination of plans from a single or multiple insurance companies.

First, it’s important to choose an insurer that gives you the cover you need for the price you want. They will send you a contract or policy documents to sign. These documents detail the agreement between the insured and the insurer.

When both parties have signed, and the first premium gets paid, the policy usually becomes active. Sometimes, waiting periods may apply. You can also take note of exclusions, terms, and conditions detailed in the policy – these policy limits can help you better understand what is expected of you and what your cover is.

What Does Contractors Insurance Cover?

Your policy should include cover types such as public liability insurance, professional indemnity insurance, employer’s liability insurance, and legal cover. You can also choose to include cover such as commercial vehicle insurance and commercial property insurance to broaden the cover you get.

Contractor’s insurance is a non-standard insurance policy that isn’t available from all insurers. If you’re interested in a standalone policy that can cover everything you need, it will be important to choose the right insurance company to work with. Insurance coverages differ between providers – not all policies will, for example, include coverage for property damage.


Does Contractors Insurance Cover Negligence?

If the policy includes professional liability cover, then yes, it should cover negligence on the contractor’s side. Damage to property can cost a lot, and if you, as the contractor, are held liable, it is important to have this type of cover. This way, compensatory costs or repair costs won’t bankrupt you since insurance should cover it.

  • Does Contractors Insurance Cover Faulty Workmanship?

Similarly, product liability cover or general liability insurance could protect contractors from claims for faulty workmanship. Your insurance provider should be able to cover replacement costs for faulty workmanship when you have the right cover. To ensure you have what’s needed, it’s a good idea to consider your risks for perils and discuss them with the insurer before you purchase a policy.

  • Are Subcontractors Covered Under Contractors Insurance?

When contractors take on a building project, they may often hire subcontractors to fulfil their obligations. One cannot assume that subcontractors are automatically included in the insurance cover for contractors. Most often, subcontractors may be required to have their own insurance cover. If unexpected events occur, the party responsible would need to claim from their liability insurance.

Why Construction Insurance is Important

Contractors often work in perilous environments, where one thing going wrong could have catastrophic results. From debris removal to construction of structures, their work is very important. To remove the mental burden of what ifs should something go wrong, contractor insurance is essential.

As a business owner, you can put aside worries about medical bills and third-party claims for negligence or faulty workmanship. The right liability coverage can ensure your operations flow without a hitch, for a successful project, even if something goes wrong. Contractor insurance is financial protection most contractors won’t want to go without.

Where to Get Contractors Insurance

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