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Cars / Fleet Insurance

Car and fleet insurance for business.

You can choose between different options when it comes to company cars and fleet insurance

Why you need car / fleet Cover

Most businesses won’t be able to survive without its car or fleet for a couple of days and for that reason it is essential to take out car and fleet insurance for business purposes.

You can choose between different options when it comes to company cars and fleet insurance and also add optional extras to your insurance such as business travel outside the borders of South Africa, sound equipment insurance, non-standard accessories cover and added car hire options.

The options available for business vehicle insurance are:

  • Comprehensive car insurance for company cars

Cover your vehicles against any number of possible eventualities, from damage caused by an accident, intentional damage (including theft and hijacking), fire and acts of nature.

  • Limited car insurance for company cars

This option will only cover you in case of theft, hijacking or fire and liability to other parties. Your vehicles will not be covered for accidents or acts of nature.

Third party insurance covers you when you can be held legally liable for causing damage to the property of other parties due to an accident.

We have partnered with South Africa’s top business insurance companies and will find the best best insurance quote, based specifically on your business risk profile, so get in touch now to ask for a quote.

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