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Lombard Specialists Insurance


Thirty years after its inception, Lombard Insurance enjoys the fruit of a solid reputation and strong financial credentials. Known for reliability and exceptional client service, Lombard offers unique solutions for commercial risks. Since 1990, Lombard has built a legacy and is now reputed as the leaders in specialist business insurance with a focus on construction, fuel guarantees, mining rehabilitation guarantees, customs, and credit insurance.

Lombard Insurance

Lombard partners with a list of specialist insurance companies to offer unique solutions to business and personal risks. With the advantage of experience and insight into market and sector dynamics, Lombard can offer unique solutions that are customised to meet specific business needs. They also take advantage of the knowledge from partnered specialised insurance teams along with their ability to underwrite to help customers take their business further.

What Kinds of Cover Can I Get with Lombard Insurance?

Although Lombard Insurance is most well-known for trade and commercial product offerings, there are a few insurance plans on offer suited to mitigating individual risks too. By partnering with professional and highly skilled companies that offer specialised cover for specific risks, Lombard is able to offer engineering insurance, marine insurance, professional indemnity and liability insurance, commercial insurance, fleet motor insurance, personal accident cover, medical gap cover, and even life insurance. Thanks to partnerships and strong industry relationships, Lombard offers a wide variety of solutions.

Commercial Crime Concepts Insurance Through Lombard

Get access to commercial crime insurance thanks to Lombard’s partnership with C3. Protect your business against the below types of commercial crime risks with Lombard Commercial Crime Insurance:

  • Loss of electronic data as a direct result of destruction of data or other malicious alterations to said data.
  • Dishonesty among your employees or staff, should they be stealing from you either alone or working with other parties.
  • Fraud committed by accessing the insured’s computer system.
  • Losses sustained due to computer viruses.
  • Losses sustained as a result of extortion, where any employee is being threatened with physical harm.
  • Losses because of fraudulent transfer instructions to financial institutions holding your assets.

Consort Engineering Insurance Through Lombard

By partnering with Consort, Lombard offers engineering insurance with highly respected experts in the industry, whether locally or internationally. Being a specialised form of insurance, their expertise can offer you insights and peace of mind when insuring your engineering-related risks. You can get the following products for mitigating risks related to the engineering industry:

  • Public Liability Insurance
  • Plant All-Risk Insurance
  • Electronic Equipment Insurance
  • Contractors All-Risk Insurance
  • Machinery Breakdown Insurance
  • Insurance for Deterioration of Stock
  • Business Interruption Insurance

Horizon Marine Insurance Through Lombard

Lombard Insurance has partnered with specialised insurance company, Horizon to offer clients specialised marine insurance solutions. Through Horizon, Lombard is able to give their clients access to a specialist team with insights into this niche space and knowledge and experience in the transportation insurance market.

You can get cover for import and export, transit, cross-voyage, stock throughput, and pleasure craft. Certain marine liabilities are also covered.

Leppard Professional Indemnity and Liability Insurance Through Lombard

Professionals in various industries can access insurance for their unique risks thanks to a partnership between Lombard Insurance and Leppard. Professionals, corporates, and entrepreneurs can mitigate high-impact risks with the following cover options:

  • General Liabilities Insurance that includes product liability and broadform liabilities.
  • Directors and Officers Liability Insurance
  • Medical Malpractice Insurance
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance
  • Cover for Security Liability risks

Lombard Commercial Insurance

A division of Lombard Insurance Company Limited, Lombard Commercial offers a wide range of solutions for risks in the commercial space.

  • Combined insurance for buildings
  • Cover for fire risks
  • Insurance for the contents of your office
  • Accounts receivable insurance
  • Cover against theft
  • Cover for money
  • Insurance for glass
  • Fidelity insurance
  • Goods in transit insurance
  • Business all-risk insurance
  • Cover for accidental damage
  • Public liability Insurance
  • Employer’s liability insurance
  • Personal accident cover for groups
  • Motor insurance
  • Insurance for electronic equipment
  • Liability insurance with a top-up option
  • Motor traders internal risk insurance
  • Insurance for house owners
  • Householders insurance
  • Personal liability insurance
  • Personal all-risk insurance

Motor Acceptances Fleet Insurance Through Lombard

Protect your company from risks related to motor and fleet thanks to Lombard’s partnership with Motor Acceptances, specialists in motor fleet insurance. Through this partnership, you can access a variety of incentive-based insurance solutions to mitigate your fleet-related risks.

Praesidio Personal Accident Insurance Through Lombard

You can access insurance for niche risks thanks to Lombard’s partnership with Praesidio, specialising in accident & health and kidnap & ransom underwriting. South Africans can find a policy for:

  • Personal accident insurance, whether for an individual or for a group, with stated benefits included
  • Personal accident cover in the aviation industry
  • Kidnap and ransom insurance
  • Occupational HIV insurance
  • Keyman insurance
  • Cover for political evacuation.

Turnberry Medical Gap Cover Through Lombard

By partnering with Turnberry, Lombard offers clients access to medical gap cover products. These insurance options cover the gap between what medical aid pays and the actual cost of medical procedures. You can access six different plans with different levels of cover.

Brightrock Flexible Life Insurance Through Lombard

Lombard Insurance brings you Brightrock, a flexible life insurance option designed to meet the requirements of financial advisers and consumers alike. Insurance plans are built around your specific needs, for a truly flexible approach to life insurance. This life insurance cover is unique in that insured parties can choose whether they want a lump-sum pay-out or a guaranteed monthly income at the time when they claim. Lombard’s flexible approach is designed to save money and give insured parties more when the time comes to claim.

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