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It is not uncommon to be under-insured when you run a business. Get a couple of business insurance quotes to find out if you’re on the right track. Different types of tailor-made short-term business insurance products have been specially designed to cover businesses – if you run a barber shop there are many of facets to your insurance. The products are all streamlined to assist. Who would have thought there was so much that could actually go wrong in a business of this nature?

Here is a breakdown of the kind of cover that you will get from Momentum short-term business insurance when you own a barber shop:

  • Public liability and Professional Indemnity cover which is vital for your business can cover you against slip and fall incidents on their premises. If you are held responsible for advice or treatment of your clients and these go wrong, Professional Indemnity is a “must have” – if you are sued for misinformation or damages you can lose your entire business should you not have the right cover.
  • Perhaps a client loses all his hair due to your negligence or becomes ill from a product – chances are that he will sue you for a large amount of money.
  • All Risk will cover loss or damage when items are removed from your premises – a good example of this is taking expensive equipment away with you to offer services at away-venues, and if your stock or samples are damaged or stolen at trade shows, these will also be covered.
  • Building cover plays an important role. Premises are more often than not rented when you run a business – you are responsible for all the fixtures and fittings that belong to the landlord which will be covered by your insurer.
  • Mirror, mirror on the wall – mirrors are one of the most important part of a barber business, therefore it is important to cover these should they break, plus any sign-writing that has been damaged will be covered by fixed glass cover.
  • Styling implements, electronic equipment, and machinery breakdown – you will be able to insure all these with your short-term business insurer. 

Look for tailor-made business insurance quotes when running a barber shop to ensure you have sufficient cover for all eventualities.

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