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If you are thinking of insuring your smart phone or tablet – it is important to note that smart technology is most certainly growing in popularity so play it safe by insuring phone and tables. Specified Laptop insurance is a good idea – be sure to cover your devices in the event of them being damaged or stolen.

Cellphone claims are often rejected if the phone or tablet has been blacklisted or you cannot provide the IMEI which is the international mobile equipment identity number.

There are ways and means of insuring your tablet, phone or PC: 

  • Standard household and business policies normally cover computers, laptops and tablets against theft.
  • Due to the fact that these are all portable, they are not covered under the standard household insurance policy if they are taken off the premises.
  • If you need cover for both inside the home or office then it is important to ensure that you have cover for both inside and outside.
  • Check if the device is covered under your unspecified all-risks insurance because although you might take it for granted that you have cover this might not be the case.
  • If you have a laptop, GPS, cellphones or other similar devices it is not unusual for insurance to specify these or they won’t be covered. 

What is specified cover?

  • The device needs to be specified at its replacement value to that another similar can take its place.
  • Send your broker the serial number and proof of purchase of a valuation as proof of the cost of the item and always remember to keep copies.
  • If you have bought the device from overseas.
  • Cover under the all-risk section of your policy is normally universal but you might need to pay for the excess. 

If you have a laptop or other devices, it might be a good idea to get laptop cover that is specified in the event of it needing to be replaced.

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