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Whether you are in the logistics industry or simply transport lighter goods from one point to the next, heavy trucking in South Africa and insurance cover for heavy trucks need not sink you or your business.

Remember that the right vehicle can be a substantial asset and value-add to your business, therefore taking the right cover could make all the difference to your bottom line. The secret is to minimise your commercial fleet’s risk and lower your insurance premiums.

Commercial transport and motor fleets often fall under the umbrella of being high-risk in the heavy trucking insurance bracket. The vehicles that make up fleets are more often than not operated by drivers that neither own their own set of wheels, nor do they pay insurance premiums and South African roads are notorious for accidents, poor driving and lawlessness.

There are numerous insurance service providers that are eager to offer insurance cover for private vehicles and commercial vehicles – but at least 5% of companies in the commercial sector reject cover of commercial vehicles and fleets due to poor claims histories.

It is time to protect your assets and qualify for insurance cover by meeting certain standards and ensuring you run a legal and controlled operation. There are a number of questions that are asked when service providers assess a potential client – one of these are if the drivers are prone to accidents and speeding.

Many insurance service providers of heavy trucking in South Africa have implemented ingenuities to assist fleet and heavy trucking clients to create an ethos of change within their businesses to diminish risks and ensure a continual focus on road safety and vehicle maintenance is carried out. Risk management is key to safeguarding insurance and maintaining lower premiums.

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