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Small business cover is something you simply cannot do without. So you have a small business, but don’t have a clue which type of cover to get. If you have a guesthouse or a B & B establishment, the best kind of cover for your establishment would be hospitality insurance cover.

Hospitality cover is vital in running a guesthouse or a B & B establishment. There are a myriad things that can go wrong if you run this sort of business – these include anything from accidents, theft, a geyser that could burst, damage to your property to accidental illness or even death.

Just looking at the vast array of cover that is offered one gets a good idea of what could go wrong and therefore could put you out of business.

Deciding on the cover you require also depends on the size of the establishment, who the clients are – whether they are from overseas or local – you need to make sure that you have the right kind of cover, regardless.

Comprehensive cover on the buildings would include loss of rent, external signs, blinds and canopies limited to R5000, loss of water, and cost of reinstating gardens. Comprehensive cover will also include accidental damage to glass and mirrors, water pumping machinery, burst geysers, fire brigade charges, fatal injury and property owner’s liability.

Content cover will include full theft cover on main buildings, garages, grounds, theft by staff, loss of rent, fatal injury and power surge damages. Contents cover will also include guests’ personal effects, accidental damage to electrical equipment and glass, loss of or damage to buildings or vehicle keys, theft of money and loss or theft of domestic staff property.

Other cover includes all risks, personal accident and motor.

Never ignore small business insurance cover, as this is an extremely important part of running a B & B or guesthouse.

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